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Klarna launches browser extension allowing consumers to pay later across all online stores

December 9, 2021




US Klarna browser extension
  • Klarna launches a browser extension that brings interest-free shopping at all online stores to the desktop regardless of whether they are partnered with Klarna or not.
  • Acquisition of Piggy enables consumers to shop smarter - saving time and money through automatic couponing and cashback features on the products they want.
  • Klarna browser extension experience drives growth and loyalty for online retailers.

New York – December 9, 2021 – Klarna, a leading global retail bank, payments, and shopping service, today announced the launch of the Klarna browser extension, which had been in beta testing with over 100,000 consumers. The extension enables consumers to shop with Klarna’s flexible payment options on their desktop at every online store, even if the retailer is not yet a Klarna partner. 

Despite the significant growth of mobile shopping, desktop shopping still accounts for 32% of all ecommerce traffic, whilst 44% of online orders are placed on the desktop. The new Klarna browser extension caters to this demand by providing consumers with the same end-to-end shopping experience on their desktop that they already enjoy in the Klarna app, so they can pay later anywhere online, on any device. The browser extension also enables coupons & cashback offers to be automatically added to purchases, saving consumers time and money. The recent acquisition of Piggy, one of the fastest growing browser extensions, will power this new offering.

David Fock, Chief Product Officer at Klarna said: “While mobile shopping is surging, we also see that many consumers still enjoy the comfort of browsing and comparing items on a larger desktop  screen. At Klarna, we want to offer consumers the world’s best shopping and payments experience - no matter what device they are using. With the introduction of our browser extension, consumers shopping on their desktop can now benefit from the convenience, control and flexibility of Klarna’s 'Pay Later' services at all of their favourite online stores. Combined with the automatic couponing and cash back features, our new extension offers the ultimate shopping hack, saving time and money for consumers at every checkout.”

Nicholas Mahalec, Product Director at Klarna and former CEO of Piggy adds: Online retailers are constantly looking for ways to reduce cart abandonment and improve the checkout experience - especially during the crucial holiday shopping season. By automatically adding coupons to shopping carts and enabling consumers to pay later with Klarna’s secure and convenient one time cards, the new browser extension not only saves consumers valuable time and money, but also boosts engagement and retention for retailers - regardless of whether they are Klarna partners already. With this partnership we open the door for tens of thousands of retailers to tap into Klarna’s growing base of 90+ million high-intent shoppers.” 

The features of the Klarna browser extension

  • One time cards
    Through the creation of one time virtual VISA cards, the browser extension enables consumers to shop seamlessly and securely with Klarna at all of their favourite online retailers.

  • Saved collections and price drops
    Klarna’s collection feature allows consumers to save any items they find on the browser to personal folders and activate price drop notifications on those items.

  • Automatic couponing
    With automatic couponing, the extension ensures that consumers always get the maximal value for their money by automatically adding coupon codes into shopping carts.

  • Cashback and gift card rewards
    Consumers that have the browser extension installed benefit from exclusive rewards for purchases at merchants in the form of cashback (US and Germany) or gift cards (UK and France).

Whenever a consumer makes a purchase or saves an item with the browser extension, it is automatically reflected in their Klarna app. Here they can access further post-purchase features, such as tracking their deliveries from order placement to delivery, managing their purchases and returns and tracking their carbon footprint. This seamless synchronisation enables consumers to switch effortlessly between devices along the shopping journey. 

The Klarna browser extension is available today and can be installed with just two clicks. It is compatible with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Support for Firefox and Safari will be rolled out in the near future. The extension is available in the US, UK, Germany, and France and will be rolled out to the rest of Klarna’s markets in the near future. 


Canaccord Genuity served as the exclusive financial advisor to Piggy, LLC in the acquisition.

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