Nov 19, 20185 min read

12 weird products you (might not) need as an entrepreneur.

by Klarna.com

Reading this list won’t be the most important thing you’ll do today. That’s for sure. However, we would love to cheer you up – and who knows, you might get filled with inspiration for the rest of your day and start coming up with amazing ideas, thanks to spending two minutes reflecting on these off-the-wall products.

From the day eBay founder Pierre Omidyar tested his online marketplace idea in 1995 by offering a broken laser pointer (which sold for $14.83 (read more about this in our story The evolution of e-commerce), the web has been open for selling pretty much anything.

Here we have selected a few products that you can probably live without as you are starting, building, and growing your e-commerce business.

Look of disapproval glasses

Invaluable when you need to be clear with your customers, suppliers, business partners or distribution staff. Just put them on, say NO… and they will get it.

Screen holder

Can’t shower without thinking of people you need to contact later? Don’t let the moment slip away; you can now take care of all that while you wash. As they say in the martial arts world, you’ll have a ‘mind like water’.

Head case

Personal branding is essential to your business success. This is surely way more powerful than blogging, recording a podcast and posting on Instagram combined.

Stand up alarm clock

Do you have a difficult time getting up every morning? This product solves that. The alarm won’t stop until you stand on the rug. Slightly press your toes on the mat as you stand up and it will also tell you the time. That’s fantastic, isn’t it? After all, you might have forgotten what time you set your alarm for the night before.

Texting umbrella

Think about how many customers and ideas you’ve lost, just because you were unable to text while holding an umbrella. You need to invest in this immediately.

Light switch for smartphone fans

Most of our light switches at work are not smart. As this seller points out, they’re pretty dumb. Simply install this over your existing switch, and your days at the office won’t just be smarter, they will feel incredibly … light.

Bacon flavored toothpaste

These days it’s extremely important to stand out from the crowd. Think about the impact you’ll have if you include this product as an extra welcome gift for new customers.

USB mixtape

Back in the day, recording a mixtape was how teens showed affection to one another. This could be your chance to impress that special VIP customer born in the 70’s. Or, use it as a business card.

Ambassador cat

Are you a cat lover? It’s time to let everyone know who is running the show in your business.

USB big enter key table pillow

Use this every time you finish a huge project.

Gigantic coffee mug

The ROI from investing in this product is beyond belief. Just think about how many times you go to fill your cup of coffee every day – a total waste of time.

“Man of the year” mirror

Throw away your plain old bathroom mirror and replace it with this one. It’s guaranteed to make you the new Steve Jobs. Unfortunately, there’s no “Woman of the year” version to order. (Hey, if you are still searching for business ideas, look no more. You’re welcome.)