13 Times People Regretted Shopping Online – Why Return Policy Matter

No merchant welcomes the cost and hassle of processing e-commerce returns, but for consumers it’s more or less essential to have the option to ship back the products they’ve ordered. Especially when there are some sellers out there who are not exactly filling us with confidence about the online shopping experience, as you’ll see from the 13 examples below.

We can never talk enough about returns in the e-commerce world, can we? It’s a much-needed option for online shoppers, who want to be able to feel and try products before buying. As a merchant, however, the question of how to handle returns seems neverending.

Returns are made very easy – for both consumers and merchants – by having Klarna in the online store checkout. When paying with Klarna, the customer gets the option to receive their products before actually paying for them. The merchant, on the other hand, gets their money straight away, and the risk of not getting paid transfers to Klarna.

This is what Klarna can add to your checkout:

  • Pay later in 30 days
    To put it simply: You give your consumers the opportunity to try it before they buy it. However, you as a merchant receive the money right away, leaving all the risk to Klarna.
  • Pay later in 4 installments
    This option makes it possible for your customers to split their payment into four. And guess what – it doesn’t cost them any extra as long as they pay on time.
  • Slice it
    This is for larger purchases that customers want to pay for over a longer time period. The Slice it option incurs a fee for the consumer.

Klarna is a convenient payment option when shopping online, because let’s be honest, you never know what you’ll actually get. Here are 13 situations where we can only hope the consumers had a good return policy to fall back on:

1. When the size is not quite right.

2. When you got what you asked for, but not what you expected.

“My friend ordered 50 Shades of Grey on Ebay, this is what she received”

3. When you want to dress for success…?

4. When you don’t even want to touch your product.

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5. When your face is too big.

6. When there has been a misunderstanding.

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7. When they almost get it right.

8. When there’s a big occasion coming up.

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Read more about Klarna and their smoooth payments here.

9. When you’re sending out the wrong message.

10. When autocorrect happens.

11. When something’s missing.

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12. When you’re not quite sure how to use it.

13. And when it’s just hopeless

These consumers didn’t get what they had expected, so let’s just hope that they had the opportunity to return their products. Do you want to make sure your customers can try first and pay later? Read more about Klarna and the benefits here.

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