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15 E-Commerce Stats That Every Online Retailer Should Know.

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by Louise Lindberg

When browsing for content about online shopping, you’ll find a never-ending list of reports, articles, whitepapers, and so on. Even if it would be great to read everything, nobody has that much free time on their hands. That’s why we’ve boiled it down to 15 must-know e-commerce stats in one article. (You’re welcome).

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#1: 76% of US consumers shop online

A poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR) conducted in 2019 shows that 76 percent of all adults in the United States shop online. If we dig even deeper, we can see that 25 percent of them shop online at least once a month, and 16 percent at least once a week. (Source: NPR/Marist Poll)

#2: 54% of online shopping on mobile by 2021

The prediction is that 53.9 percent of all online shopping will be on mobile devices by the year 2021. It’s probably not the first time you’ve heard the mantra “mobile first” when talking about designing e-commerce platforms. Even so, only 12 percent of consumers find shopping on mobile devices to be convenient (Source: Statista – Mobile eCommerce dossier, Barilliance). A fresh study from Klarna also shows that as many as 73 percent of shoppers abandon poorly designed mobile sites in favor of those that make purchasing easy.

#3: 70% abandon their carts

The percentage of people who abandon their carts is high: 69.57 percent is the average documented cart abandonment rate. Even if this number seems extremely high, you as an online retailer don’t necessarily have to panic. Many of those abandoning shoppers never intended to buy anything anyway; they may have been browsing for inspiration or simply having some fun (see #15). (Source: Baymard)

#4: More than 50% of young shoppers want financing options

A study from BigCommerce shows that more than 50 percent of both millennials and Gen Z shoppers would be more likely to buy with a brand that has financing options, such as ‘buy now, pay later’.

#5: 68% increase in average order value with installments

Giving your customers more payment options can really pay off. Merchants who offer Klarna’s option to pay in 4 installments see a 68 percent increase in average order value from shoppers who choose that option. (Source: Klarna)

#6: The UK spends the most on online shopping per capita

Even though the US has the highest total revenue from online shopping, the UK has the highest spend per capita. Chinese citizens, on the other hand, spend a higher percentage of their salaries online than any other country in the world. (Source: Ecommerce Wiki)

#7: 92% of US online shoppers have bought something on Amazon

And of all Americans, 66 percent have shopped from Amazon at some point. (Source: NPR/Marist)

#8: Sunday is the most common online shopping day

Sunday between 9 PM and 10 PM is the most common time to do your online shopping, a fresh study from Klarna shows.

“It is becoming increasingly common for consumers to both visit physical stores and search online before deciding what to buy, and this pattern becomes extra clear during the weekends. Online sales dip towards the end of the week and then rise on Sundays. Many consumers use their free time at the weekend to carefully evaluate the options and then complete their purchases in peace and quiet at home on Sunday evening,” says Viveka Söderbäck, Klarna’s expert on consumer behaviour.

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#9: 87% of online shoppers are influenced by social media

The majority of consumers feel that social media plays an important role in their decision-making when shopping online. Additionally, almost three quarters say that watching a video online has influenced their purchasing choices.. (Source: Adweek and Adweek)

#10: 75% list the speed of checkout as one of the most important shopping factors

With the rapid changes happening within e-commerce, you have to keep up to speed. Literally. As many as 75 percent of US shoppers state that the speed of checkout is one of the most important factors when it comes to online shopping.

#11: 75% expect free shipping

Free shipping is a must-have for many online shoppers. 75 percent say that they expect to get it, even on orders under $50. (Source: NRF)

#12: 39% expect free returns

US shoppers don’t value free returns as high, though. 39 percent say that a free return policy influences their decision to purchase a lot, but at the same time, shoppers don’t seem to return products that often. 65 percent say that they ‘rarely’ return products, and 26 percent ‘never’. (Source: NPR/Marist)

#13: $126 billion on online shopping during 2018 holiday season

That’s how much US consumers spent on online shopping during the holiday season in 2018. This record-breaking number was 16.5 percent higher than previous years. It remains to be seen if the increase will continue this year. (Source: Reuters)

#14: 34% list ‘having to create an account’ as the reason for not completing a purchase

Having to create an account when completing a purchase is one of the most common reasons for abandoning a shopping cart. 34 percent list this as the main reason for not going through with their purchase. (Source: Baymard)

…and last, but not least:

#15: Drunk Americans spend $30 billion online yearly

Apparently American shoppers get inspired to do their shopping after a few drinks. In 2018, the average consumer made $447.57 of unplanned online purchases after drinking alcohol, according to NBC News. Could the big secret for online retailers be to charm their tipsy customers?