Nov 20, 20186 min read

6 checkout page factors that keep shoppers happy and converting.


We don’t want to scare you with statistics, but did you know that the average cart abandonment rate is a whopping 69 percent?

No wonder online merchants are concerned.

The solution, though, is not so intimidating. Shoppers have made it clear what they like and don’t like in the checkout process, and modern payment solutions make it possible for online merchants to deliver.

High cart abandonment rates shouldn’t be the norm for your e-commerce business. And they don’t have to be. These are the key factors for a checkout experience that will keep shoppers happy and drive more conversions.

6 Features of Checkout Pages that Convert

1. Top-notch security features

77% of consumers say security is the most important part of shopping online. Data breaches and fraud have made shoppers wary. They want to know that their personal information is safe.

Is your payment system PCI DSS compliant? What payment security options do you use? You can make customers feel more secure by calling these out with a logo or seal on the checkout page. Keeping customers on your website, instead of redirecting them to another page for checkout, also helps them to feel secure. Consistency in branding and experience during checkout lets them know they’re still interacting with you, the merchant they’ve chosen to trust.

2. Lengthy forms be gone

28% of US customers have abandoned carts due to a lengthy or complicated checkout process.

Entering information into forms is a drag. The less fields a shopper has to fill out, the better.

Even simple solutions, like the option to autofill a billing address based on shipping address, speed up the process for a better user experience. And speed is key. The future of payments is universal, one-click options so consumers never have to enter their personal details again.

3. More payment options for greater buying power

Consumers are demanding greater choice in how they pay. If you don’t offer their preferred method, they’re likely to abandon cart.

Merchants with the best checkout experiences offer shoppers 7+ payment methods. Integrating more payment options benefits for merchants too. Instant financing solutions incentivize customers to make big-ticket purchases by allowing them to pay in installments, while options like eWallets deliver convenience and speed.

4. Customer-focused return policies

Let’s be honest, online ordering is risky for consumers. How can they know they’ll be pleased with their purchase until they’ve physically seen it? When you, as a merchant, acknowledge this with an easy return policy, shoppers are more willing to buy. They may even be willing to add more items to the cart, taking a chance on a product they weren’t so sure about.

To take returns one step further, merchants can offer deferred payment solutions. Customers don’t have to pay until after delivery, letting them try out a product first before committing. With deferred payments, merchants can mimic the in-store experience, giving customers total confidence in their online purchases.

5. No login needed to buy

Register to create an account? Uh, no thanks. Requiring users to login to make a purchase is a major turnoff.

Instead, ask users to sign up after they’ve finished their order, which they’ll do if you make it worth their while. This could mean creating an account to access tracking information or offering attractive incentives.

6. Optimized checkout page UX

Good usability makes for a quick and uncomplicated checkout page. Is your checkout page intuitive and easy to navigate? Is it obvious where to enter information, like discount codes? Is it easy for shoppers to find the information they’re looking for, like final price, shipping costs, and product summaries?

When design and layout get messy, customers get frustrated. Your checkout page can, and should, inspire customers to feel confident in their purchase. A well-designed, optimized checkout page makes purchasing a breeze.

So, customers want these six features. How can e-commerce merchants provide them? One solution is to add a payment gateway provider, like Klarna, to give shoppers a seamless checkout experience.

With a Klarna widget in your checkout, you can give shoppers:

  • The payment security they crave
  • A full range of payment options, including credit, instant financing, and deferred payments
  • No redirects at checkout
  • A self-service portal so customers can manage their payment info and pay with one click

$200 billion in sales were lost in 2017 due to friction in the checkout process. Let’s make stats like these a thing of the past by building smoooth checkout experiences.

Learn how you can integrate Klarna into your checkout process. Connect with our team!