Nov 19, 20185 min read

8 podcasts that help you scale your e-commerce.

by Klarna.com

If you want to grow your e-commerce business faster and with high impact, these podcasts are for you. You will learn lots, stay up to date, and get into the heads of the “masters of scale”.

Listening to podcasts is one of the most time-effective ways to evolve your thinking. Many successful business builders listen while driving to work, at the airport or even when taking a walk before bed at night.

The podcasts on this list are super-valuable. You might not love them all – podcasts are like people, some we click with for whatever reason, others not so much, and some we can’t live without – but they’re all worth checking out. You will quickly discover which ones you find the most stimulating, encouraging and useful.

Masters of scale

Get a glimpse inside the minds of famous founders as they share perspectives and insights about what’s happening behind the scenes in the world of highly successful startups. The host is LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, who creates an educational and fascinating atmosphere.

Episode examples:
#21: “How to do good and do good business” (with Starbuck’s Howard Schultz)
#20: “Don’t feel fatigued by repetition. Instead, celebrate your single-mindedness” (with Ev Williams, co-founder, Medium & Twitter)
#16: “In every kind of community — from a company to an online photo-sharing site — culture cements very quickly” (with Caterina Fake, investor and co-founder of Flickr)
#13: “You can pivot from failure to success, but only if you slash and burn the rest of your business” (with Stewart Butterfield, co-founder Slack)
#11: “Your goal is not to beat the competition. Your goal is to break free of competition entirely” (with Peter Thiel, CEO of Paypal

The eCommerceFuel Podcast

This podcast aims to help six- and seven-figure store owners take their business to the next level. It focuses on tips, strategies and stories. You’ll hear useful advice regarding store operations, teams, outsourcing, product sourcing and design, and buying and selling stores.

Episode examples:
January 12, 2018: Identifying leverage points in your business
December 8, 2017: Talking cryptocurrency with Clay Collins
November 24, 2017: Hiring a business manager
September 22, 2017: Using internal linking to get more traffic
June 19, 2014: Boring products? No problem. How to write compelling copy for anything.


If you enjoy learning from founders, this is a goldmine. As we write this, there are 1567 interviews listed on Mixergy – of which many are founder stories. However, it’s not just about the stories; there is also a strong focus on learning the essential elements of business building.

Episode examples:
March 2, 2018: Meet the founder who’s taking on Shopify (Gal Ratner)
February 21, 2018: A conversation with Liquor.com founder Steve Olsher
February 12, 2018: How Mark Goldenson brought therapy online
January 31, 2018: ActiveCampaign founder on keeping a SaaS relevant
January 1, 2018: Building a company for legacy instead of exit

Startup podcast

This fun, documentary-style podcast begins with a series following Gimlet Media founder Alex Blumberg as he tries to establish his podcast network from the ground up. You’ll hear him failing miserably as he pitches to a Silicon Valley investor, and his wife ridiculing him for his first choice of company name. The podcast offers an honest look into the reality of startups, with later episodes featuring other small business that have tried – but not always succeeded – to make a name for themselves.

Delightful episodes:
#1 (Sept 2014): How not to pitch a billionaire
#3: How to divide an imaginary pie
#5: How to name your company

The Reboot Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Jerry Colonna, previously a partner with JPMorgan Partners (JPMP) and now an executive coach who uses the skills he learned as a venture capitalist to help entrepreneurs. The content ranges from radical self-inquiry and transformation to scaling, leadership, boards, co-founders, fundraising and vision.

Episode examples:
#20 Investors are human too
#2 What if I don’t want to be CEO?
#74 How human can we be as leaders?
#46 Hitting the wall

The Pitch

If pitching is on your radar, this is the podcast for you. Follow real entrepreneurs as they pitch to real investors – for real money. One pitch per episode.

Episode examples:
#24 unGlue: This idea is about fighting smartphone app addiction – with an app
#21 Metabrew: This idea is about replacing your morning coffee with this healthy beverage
#21 Harper Wilde: This idea is about taking the B.S. out of bra shopping and turn it into an easy at-home experience.

The Ultimate Entrepreneur

Hosted by Jay Abraham, one of the world’s most intelligent and famous business growth strategists. He shares loads of insights, wisdom and practical ideas on how to grow your business.

Episode examples:
#114: Business Mastery, with Tony Robbins
#88: Disruption, with Dave Asprey
#84: Business ethics
#68: Strategy of preeminence

Getting Things Done

In this podcast, world-leading productivity expert David Allen shares his insights on how to stay on top of things in your busy reality. He shares his philosophy on how to spend time on the right things and keep track of your commitments.

Episode examples:
#38: The power of outcome thinking
#33: Wrangling your priorities
#29: Keynote in Milan
#12: Self-leadership