Nov 19, 20183 min read

Can you see the future?


As any business owner knows, companies must live in the here and now if they are to succeed and thrive in the face of ever-increasing competitive pressure. The explosion of smartphone use has ushered in an age where customers expect everything to be instant, from product reviews and the dispatching of online orders, to complaint handling and having their queries answered.

And all of this places ever greater pressure on that scarce resource: your time.

Ensuring that your business is up to speed with what is happening right now is vital, but so too is making sure that you’re prepared for whatever comes next. Now is the time to anticipate change, look forwards and future proof your business and your company website, because tomorrow may well be too late…

When we talk about making your website ‘future proof’, we mean looking at it from all angles and seeing how it can be made to work more efficiently not just today, but in the long-term. The vast majority of businesses are challenged with future proofing their business, something which is difficult if the full burden falls on in-house resources. A clever way of managing the challenge is to partner up with other companies who specialise in certain parts of the business, not only to spread the workload but also to gain valuable insights from experts in each field.

Online markets are unpredictable and move with ever greater speed, with the needs of all businesses and their customers changing as the latter demand more – and demand it faster. With many years’ experience as a world-class payments provider, we are ideally placed to assess your business needs not just in the here and now, but for the future. By joining Klarna and working with us today, you’re investing in a solution which will guarantee the future success of your business, without committing you to spending time you simply don’t have.

Integrating with us means you will be able to grow and scale, reaching new markets without the time and cost associated with constantly updating and maintaining the technical side of your business. That’s because we not only keep our clients fully up to date with the latest advances in online payment processing, but we help them to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our payment method widget assists in improving your conversion rates. It provides your customers with clear information as to the range of payment methods you offer and dynamically determines which payment method is best suited to a given product type. Since we host the content widget, our team does the technical work so you don’t have to. You get all the benefits of a constantly updated and perfectly maintained processing solution without ever having to lift a finger. And you can trust that the entire system is locally compliant with your markets. That means that your customers’ needs are met and you won’t have to worry about what the future may bring.

With a faster, sharper and more streamlined system in place, there is nothing standing between you and the long-term success your business deserves. We offer far more than other payment providers. Speak to the Klarna team today to see how we can help your business grow.