Dec 2, 20193 min read

Dare To Disrupt: How to Create An Extraordinary Online Experience.

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by Peter Grensund

To keep a business successful over time there’s really no ‘pause’ option available. Continuous improvements and iterations are necessary in order to address – and solve – real consumer problems. But what are those problems? A new report from Klarna* looks into the power of disruption by identifying consumer pain points.

Over 1,000 American shoppers aged 18+ were asked what they love, and don’t love, about shopping for their favorite products online. A total of nine different retail verticals were surveyed. The idea was to identify the aspects of online shopping that customers don’t feel all that impressed with, giving you as a retailer plenty of opportunities to shake things up.
To become a disruptor in your industry, you simply need to find an awesome edge on some of the following:

Poor returns policies

77 percent of shoppers said they would be unlikely to buy from an online retailer again if they had a bad experience with returns. Smooth things out to avoid unnecessary steps like repackaging merchandise and delayed refunds. Less frustration means more loyalty and more repeat purchases.

Paying upfront

53 percent of shoppers said they would be “extremely” or “very” interested if they were allowed to try the item at home before paying for it.
Modern payment options like Klarna let the shopper pay 30 days after delivery, while the retailer is paid in full upfront. The try-before-buy concept increases the average order volume by more than 15 percent and the purchase frequency by more than 20 percent.

Lack of information

82 percent of shoppers said the No.1 thing they pay attention to when shopping is “the ease of being able to read as much as I want about the product.” This means product descriptions, instructions, reviews, etc. must be readily available across your platforms, be it the website or the brand’s Instagram account. The most avid reader? The electronics shopper. A whopping 86 percent in this vertical said that they like being able to read reviews from other customers before purchasing. Details like photos, videos, and metadata on reviewer’s age, gender, clothing size, etc. could be decisive here.

High prices

No surprise here. If a product is too expensive, shoppers start searching for better (cheaper) options or decide to abandon their cart altogether. Young shoppers were also more likely to respond that they would wait until they could afford the item. In line with this, the survey shows that 18-34 year-olds rank ‘multiple payment options’ as one of their top three preferences when shopping online. Breaking up the payment of high-ticket items makes them feel more affordable even though the total price remains the same.

Slow shipping

Rapid delivery is the top priority for 18-34 year-olds. It’s fantastic for conversions and loyalty, but maybe not so much for your warehousing and staffing costs. If Amazon or Walmart isn’t your middle name, a partner with guaranteed shipping speeds could be your way of keeping up with the mega-sized delivery disruptors. Or, if local or sustainable is your bag then maybe the disruption aspect looks somewhat different.

What did shoppers appreciate?

These are the top reasons why the respondents love their favorite store, across all nine verticals:

  • 77% cited the variety of products.
  • 45% cited a seamless and efficient checkout process.
  • 42% cited overall trust in the security of the checkout process.

Download the full report ‘Disruption Now: Creatin an Extraordinary Online Experience’ here.

*The survey ‘Disruption Now: Creating an Extraordinary Online Experience’ was conducted in partnership with Northstar Research. The report spans nine retail verticals: Activewear, fashion, home & garden, sports & outdoor, electronics, jewellery, luxury, beauty and footwear.