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Here’s Why Micro Breaks Are the Most Important Moments in E-Commerce.

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by Louise Lindberg

We’re living a fast-paced life and want to make the best use of our time. If we can quickly pay a bill or check some other chore off our to-do list when we have a few spare minutes, that’s fantastic. But what about online shopping? Is that something that easily fits into these micro breaks?

Micro breaks, wait what’s that? You know those extra minutes when your bus is late, or when you’re awkwardly waiting for your date to appear? Gone are the days when shoppers have the time to sit down and browse for hours for the things they love. Is your store optimized for this shift in behavior?

Retailers are grabbing the attention of shoppers while they are on the go. The product catalog is now delivered to customers with the rise of inspiration-based marketing. Now it’s time to remove the barriers between seeing the things they love and owning them, instantly. To be able to make a purchase during one of these micro breaks, the store’s purchase flow has to be fast and hassle-free.

This is exactly what Klarna had in mind when building one of their latest products, Instant Shopping. It’s exactly what the name suggests – shoppers can complete a purchase seconds after seeing something they love. It’s designed for on-the-go browsing, bringing the ability to buy wherever your customers are, whether it be an elevator or awkwardly waiting on your date.

And it doesn’t end there.

Turn your customers’ frustration into sales

We’ve heard a lot about customers abandoning their shopping carts, but just how big is the problem? Well, the latest numbers show that abandonment rates are as high as 70 percent on average. The main reason for this seems to be lengthy purchase journeys and registrations; at least that’s what 60 percent of consumers say.

“As an online merchant, you need to understand that your visitors are in very different states of mind as they come to your store. Some visitors come because they want to explore and discover different products. In those cases, the shopping cart experience is great. Others are there to buy a very specific product, and just want to pay and go, and will leave if they can’t get it done quickly,” says Arash Eftekhari, the product manager for Klarna’s Instant Shopping product.

The good news is that Klarna has cracked the code on solving this time-crunch. As well as saving your customers those precious moments and give them time back, you’ll also be able to create a more personalized shopping experience with Instant Shopping in your store.

Launch a shopping experience anywhere

By adding Instant Shopping to your site, your customers can skip the shopping cart and registration entirely. Simply put, it’s a faster checkout that enables them to see it, love it and buy it within seconds. Instant shopping works everywhere retailers have a presence. Here’s how it works on blog sites.

A consumer reads about the product in a blog post, and click! In a few seconds the purchase is done.

They only have to click ‘express checkout’ and are finished with the buying journey in about 5 seconds, since there are no redirects and no sign-ups. Personalization is key to the shopping experience, so all contact information is prefilled. With Klarna, shoppers feel like regular customers even if this is their first purchase from the store.

“Many merchants mistakenly believe that consumers have plenty of time and patience to go through numerous steps to complete the purchase. The result is not only a lost sale, but also a lost customer,” says Arash Eftekhari.

So, do your customers a favor and save them from wasting time with clunky forms, while also increasing new orders to your online store.

An instant checkout anywhere.
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