Jan 21, 20193 min read

How to Connect with Consumers Through Pop Culture.

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by Fredrik Thambert

Being relevant in people's lives through popular culture is more important than ever for brands. Cashmere Agency is the cultural lifestyle agency behind Snoop Dogg and other prominent influencers. Here's their advice for how brands should think.

The Los Angeles-based Cashmere Agency operates at the intersection of music, fashion, art and lifestyle. They pride themselves on knowing what’s going on among the hard-to-impress group of Millennials who are influencing popular culture. Their promise is to help brands become interesting and relevant to this group, which in turn strengthens their business. Read more about why brands must become part of the contemporary culture to stay relevant here.

Klarna has been working with Cashmere in the creation of the “Get Smoooth” campaign which was revealed last week. Nick Adler, VP of Business Development at the agency (and Snoop’s social media manager), explains why brands must care more about how they’re relevant in popular culture.

“It’s very important because culture drives trends, and if these brands aren’t resonating with the contemporary culture they are doomed,” he explains. “Now more than ever, companies need to align themselves with a movement or a person that can influence that movement. They need to stand for something beyond just selling the consumer a product.”

How do you succeed with that?

“We look at the trends, influencers, and communities that align with these brands, and we use other tactics like social media, experiential, and PR and find ways to speak directly to those audiences.”

What’s the impact for brands who’re doing this right?

“Those brands build an amazing direct relationship with their consumers, they create a consistent dialogue and can then continue to remain relevant to their audience.”

How is Klarna’s campaign an example of this?

“Klarna’s campaign is a great example – they created an amazing world that looks and feels like a movement. By attaching Snoop to that, they further established themselves as a culture mover.”

What’s wrong with the traditional way of advertising goods and services?

“There isn’t anything wrong with it, it just doesn’t work for everyone. Consumers have seen a lot now and have gotten smarter when they are being marketed to. They want a relationship with their brand and traditional marketing doesn’t tend to do that.”

Why is this true in the world of online retail?

“Online retail has allowed more and more niche companies and products to thrive. The internet has opened the market up on a massive scale and these brands need to be many things to many people, therefore the more they can develop a relationship with their audience, the better off they will be.”