Nov 20, 20184 min read

I’m a millennial. I demand smoooth.

Jelena Parlov headshot

by Jelena Parlov

It’s Tuesday morning as I’m heading from home to the Klarna office in Stockholm city. It takes exactly 12 minutes from door to door. I listen to podcasts on the way, and I absolutely love this short morning journey – if everything runs smooothly.

Usually, it doesn’t.

A car stands in my way, construction work is taking over the street, or people abruptly stop right in front of me looking for something in their purse (that last one is my favourite).

I have zero patience for disturbances like this. As a millennial, I have important things to do (important to me, at least), and I can’t stand un-smooothness along the way that robs me of time and energy. Everything should be as quick, smoooth and efficient as snapping a picture for Instagram.

Un-smoooth disturbances show up everywhere, not just on my daily commute. This is especially true when I’m shopping online, so let’s talk about that.

Honestly, some stores are so un-smoooth I just leave. I go elsewhere, even if the alternatives are more expensive, not as good looking, or as big. My time is just too valuable.

Look, to keep me and other millennials – and the generations after us – as recurring customers in your online store (and believe me, you want that, because like most people my age I spend a lot of my salary online), you must focus on making the entire customer journey as smoooth as possible.

Here are a few examples of what I expect when shopping online:

  • Shipping & Returns policies explained in a short and visible way. I have no time or interest to look for this important information hidden in the small print. I will not shop if finding these details requires some kind of detective skills.
  • Free shipping. Of course.
  • Information about when my parcel will be delivered.
  • Free returns. I understand if there is a small fee in some cases. Huge return fees to other countries are still common, and that’s simply unacceptable.
  • Return and refund updates. When making a return, I want to be updated on when you’ve received the parcel and when my payment/invoice will be refunded. Waiting up to 30 days without any info is way too common.
  • A relevant search function. If I search for “anti-frizz shampoo”, I don’t want to see the entire shampoo range. This seems like a no-brainer, but guess what? It is very common to fail here.
  • Instant purchase. When I add my product to the cart, I want to be able to buy it instantly. I don’t want to have to log in, try to remember my password and lose a lot of time here. I understand logging in means I have my own account, can see orders, join a customer club and so on, but in many cases that is irrelevant and annoying.
  • Sufficient information about the product. A description is a must. Ingredients, size, colour, quality. I want to be able to find it all. Too many stores fail on this, despite the fact we now live in a world where information is key.
  • The most important part – and the usually worst handled – is …. drum roll … the payment. Please. Make. This. Easy. This is usually THE part where merchants lose me and other smoooth-oriented customers. Too many online stores have 4-5 steps for payments. “Choose your payment method, enter your card details, oh, something is wrong, try again, the site froze, reload – nope. Try again.”
  • Last: If possible, choose a delivery company who can provide customers with information during the shipping process. Millennials like myself are used to information, and we appreciate knowing where our delivery is and when it will arrive. Thank me later.

If you start following these super efficient millennial rules – you’ll have me as a loyal customer.