Jul 6, 20203 min read

Klarna’s On-Site Messaging App: Bringing Payment Options to Shopify Stores with Eastside Co.


Shopify is a complete ecommerce platform that revolutionised online business when it launched in 2004. A cloud-based, fully hosted service, it allows merchants to start, grow, and manage their online businesses with ease, with over 800,000 ecommerce stores now based on the platform.

Klarna and Shopify.

As a retail partner with more than 85 million shoppers globally, superb purchase experience, and a guarantee for secure and fast payments, making Klarna available to the millions of international customers of businesses on the Shopify platform made perfect sense.

Making ecommerce better for online businesses and their customers is key to the success of Klarna and Shopify – and Eastside Co.

Klarna and Eastside Co.

Eastside Co is one of the world’s foremost Shopify Partners – founded in 2012, it has forged a reputation for building world-class Shopify and Shopify Plus stores, delivering impactful marketing strategies, as well as developing apps and software to help online retailers exceed their ambitions.

Having worked alongside Klarna over several years to help a number of mutual clients achieve their goals, it was clear that the two businesses shared a vision and understanding of what online success looks like.

Klarna approached ESC to help them build a Shopify app that would give them greater visibility on the stores of merchants who offered Klarna services.

The Eastside Co apps development team set to work to create a Shopify app for Klarna. The goal was simple: provide store owners with a mechanism to clearly signpost to their customers that Klarna payment services are available, and make it as easy as possible for them to make a purchase using those services.

“An onsite app to help embed Klarna’s world-class solution into Shopify stores made perfect sense for merchants, customers, and Klarna. Eastside Co were delighted to be able to design and build the solution, and the results speak for themselves.”

Jason Stokes, CEO and Founder, Eastside Co

Clear messaging.

The power of onsite messaging was a key element in the app. It’s easy for merchants to simply use the app to drag and drop Klarna ads on their store to let their customers know the payment options are available, clicking on the ad to show a pop-up with further information. Store owners can promote Klarna on product pages or in the cart, and also on homepage or other static pages. Users of the On-Site Messaging feature have seen conversions increase by up to 47% and a 25% increase in Average Order Value.

“I really like Klarna On-Site Messaging, especially on the product page,” says Nick. “It converts our customers over to the checkout very naturally. And, because it doesn’t cost anything to buy with Klarna, it’s a very nice offering. We’re really trying to help our customers make their purchases.”

Nick Bradley, founder of PANGEA swimwear

The app is designed to be simple for the store owners who install it. Merchant support includes guides, FAQs and a dedicated support team to make sure it’s easy to get up and running.

Together, Eastside Co and Klarna have brought a multitude of payment options to millions of online shoppers and thousands of merchants using this app around the world.

Read more about the app here and find it in the Shopify App Store here.

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