Mythbusting the Q1 Sales Slump.

The first quarter of the year is traditionally seen as the most challenging one for retailers with the Q1 sales slump hitting hard with the US Census Bureau reports a 25% drop in e-commerce sales. Except… our survey of more than 1300 Klarna-affiliated retailers and insider transactional data suggests otherwise. Is it time to rethink the traditional notion of the new year hangover for online retail? And how can you make sure you keep up with the competition?

Report includes all details about the sales slump:

  • Survey of more than 1300 online retailers
  • Insider transaction data from our over 85 million consumers
  • Top tips on activities that can boost your business in Q1-Q2

Click here to download the US Q1 Sales Slump Report.

Click here to download the UK Q1 Sales Slump Report.

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