Feb 8, 20193 min read

Shopify Row Takeaways: Experience is the New Loyalty.

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by Jordan Dooley

Klarna recently hosted a panel discussion alongside Sellry and Nosto in Shopify's venue in Downtown Los Angeles. Here are some key takeaways for merchants who want to become better at meeting the customers' expectations.

The Klarna team had a unique opportunity to co-host a collaborative panel discussion with our partners at Nosto and Sellry. We explored Shopify’s LA storefront, a gathering place for business owners to learn, experiment, and seek advice from Shopify experts.

Local retailers and business owners listened in for tips on expanding and optimizing their Shopify stores. The panel focused on retailer’s direct-to-consumer channel and discussed how superb customer experiences will grow and nurture loyalty. By offering a digital experience, brands will see customers returning – and buying – more than ever before.

Today’s shoppers have come to expect an “Amazon-like” experience while shopping online. This includes product recommendations, one-click purchasing, and alternative payment methods. Merchants must effectively and emotionally reach their end customers by offering such features, otherwise, why should they stick around?

According to the Rockefeller Group, 68 percent of consumers abandon a business because they don’t feel the brand cares about them. As competition rises, shoppers seek retailers who have their best interests in mind. So, how do retailers show shoppers they care?The panel discussion hosted by Klarna and Sellry.

Make a strong first impression

We all recognize the value of a first impression. The average individual needs only 7 seconds to form an initial assessment, and your store should be ready to impress. Fast loading times, intuitive navigation, thoughtful messaging, and scroll-stopping imagery will help your shop land on customers’ positive impression radar, leaving them with a positive attitude toward the experience the shop has to offer.

Add a personal touch

The panel remarked on the benefit of investing in personalization services – putting the right products and content in front of the right people, at the right time. Services such as content personalization and segmentation can generate an average increase in conversion of 15 percent. Recommendations, similar product offerings, and recently viewed items will help give shoppers the custom buying-experience they receive when shopping in-store.  And it’ll pay off. 48 percent of consumers say they spend more when their experience is personalized.

Tell your story

Every brand has a unique perspective and story to tell. Give shoppers the opportunity to resonate with the message your store wants to portray, by letting them know who you are and what you stand for. Add exclusive touches to your website or packaging, and form a connection by allowing shoppers to look ‘behind the curtain’ – like does when demonstrating the equipment they use to create their wall decals. They will appreciate the authenticity and may resonate with your point of view, keeping them coming back for more.

Push cutting edge technology

Adding the latest technologies available to your e-commerce store will amplify the customer experience, giving shoppers access to resources they may never have known existed. Take makeup giant Sephora’s Virtual Artist, an innovative digital experience allowing shoppers to try products in the Sephora App before making the final selection. Advancements in artificial intelligence, mobile optimization, and alternative payment methods will continue to develop and break barriers, giving shoppers access to more than ever before.

As we reflect on shared experiences, achievements, and goals, it’s apparent that the direct-to-consumer channel has no shortage of possibilities for enhancing loyalty to your brand. So, what will you do to keep shoppers coming back? Check out part one of our four-part Shopify Style Series for a look at 5 consumer trends you don’t want to miss.