Nov 19, 20183 min read

Should you think “mobile first” or “mobile only”?


Today, when you can find a smartphone in almost every adult’s hands (and most teenagers as well) the pressure on optimizing ecommerce sites have increased rapidly. On average, consumers spend more time online using their phone rather than using their desktop, which means that they often visit your site with their phone.

So the question is, do you dare to think “mobile only”?

Don’t forget:

  • Your e-commerce site needs to be responsive
  • Is the checkout flow easy on mobile?
  • Have a look at your own numbers, what do they tell you? Visitors mobile/desktop and purchases mobile/desktop?

Klarna numbers 2017, movement from desktop to mobile, online shopping 2015-2017

What device do your customers use when shopping online?

We can see an increase in usage of mobile when shopping online, and our numbers tell us that the biggest age group of mobile usage is 26-35 years old consumers. 56-65 years olds tend to use their desktop more than their smartphones, and it’s also an age group who uses tablets more than other age groups.

Don’t forget:

  • 18-25 year olds use both their desktop and mobile to shop online. Is your site optimised for both desktop and mobile purchases?
  • Think about the age of your key customers, through what device should you communicate to them?

Klarna numbers 2017 showing age group per device usage


When is the right time to communicate with your customers?

What do the numbers tell us?

During 2017 we’ve seen that 21:00 p.m. is the time when our consumers shop during the day. Around 10 am and 11 am is also a time when customers buy goods and services online. They are more likely to see your message and your offer if you communicate with them during these hours.

Don’t forget:

  • Think about what time you communicate with your customers. When are they most likely to actually buy something if you send them an offer?
  • 18-35 years olds tend to shop online later in the night and they prefer using their phone to do this, therefore your communication needs to be mobile friendly.

Klarna numbers showing what time consumers shop online