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Want a freedom business? Listen to these 10 podcasts.

by Klarna.com

If you are serious about creating your dream life you could probably use some extra encouragement, powerful ideas and inspiration. We have selected some great podcasts that we believe can help you. Save this list, share it, plug in your headset and start listening. You could be exercising, buying groceries or even creating your vision board while world-class mentors share their latest and best insights straight into your ears. Podcasts are truly for the freedom-seeking entrepreneurial mind. They’re a great way to accelerate your personal and professional growth. All you need to do is listen, pick up on some ideas you like, and be inspired to take action that moves things forward. However, podcasts are a very personal thing – so it’s well worth the effort to explore and find some that you personally find stimulating, encouraging, useful and inspirational. Then, go deeper with those that truly light your fire.

Marie Forleo podcast

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation, Marie Forleo’s goal is to help you become the person you most want to be. She features interesting guests and gives the kind of energy boosts we all need to keep going as we build our dreams.

Episode examples:

#100 – What should I do with my Life? Wait, don’t answer that.

#121 – How to make your business remarkable — even with tons of competition

#97 – Tim Ferriss on overcoming fear, battling depression and finding self-love

#122 – 4 steps to set goals with soul with Danielle LaPorte

#114 – How to believe in your business when you don’t always believe in yourself


Active Growth podcast

One of the most down-to-earth, implementation-oriented podcasts for anyone who wants to grow a small online business. It’s run by a Dutch guy, Shane Melaugh, founder of ThriveThemes and Thrive Content Builder for WordPress.

Episode examples:

July 5, 2017: Escape the hamster wheel

June 22, 2017: Step-by-step plan to get your first customer (without needing traffic)

February 10, 2018: How to see untapped business opportunities everywhere you look

July 17, 2017: Your job is to ship 1: Are you chasing bright shiny objects?


Build my online store

This is one of the longest-running e-commerce podcasts on iTunes, started in 2012. After September 2017 there’s a gap in the episode production, but the archive is a super valuable resource. You’ll find 200+ episodes with help and advice for establishing and growing an online store.

Episode examples:

#1: Lessons from Selling 10 000+ iPad cases

#22: E-Commerce business fundamentals

#180: Fighting The Current vs. Going With The Flow

#179: 10 Email Sequences Your Store Should Have

#121: A guide to the Canton Fair and sourcing in China

#86: The 80/20 to $100 000 in three months


The GaryVee Audio Experience

If you haven’t yet experienced Gary Vaynerchuck, roll up your sleeves because this man is all about action and go-go-go. Energetic like no other, some would say frenetic. His podcast is a combination of interviews, keynotes, rants, fan questions (and answers to them), and his appearances on other people’s podcasts.

Episode examples:

March 7, 2018: Keynote at Tamba startup week

March 4, 2018: A rant: How to actually make money for free

March 3, 2018: A mashup: advice to millennials

February 18, 2018: An interview on Sara Dietschy’s The Creative Exchange Podcast


Startup podcast

This podcast has a more fun and documentary approach than most. Don’t miss the beginning episodes from 2014, from which everything has evolved. You get to follow the founder Alex Blumberg, former producer of the giant radio show This American Life, as he tries to get his podcast network company to fly – from nothing. It’s fascinating because you’ll probably recognize many of the feelings he is experiencing, even though you might not be pitching your business idea to any Silicon Valley investors anytime soon (he does, and it bombs completely). His wife laughs her *** off as she hears her husband’s top choice for the company name. Another highlight is the painful and entertaining episode when Alex and his co-founder are trying to come to an agreement on a fair split of the company.

Episode examples:

#1 (Sept 2014): How not to pitch a billionaire

#3: How to divide an imaginary pie

#5: How to name your company


Mark Manson Audio Articles

Mark is world famous for his Amazon bestseller “The subtle art of not giving a fuck: A counterintuitive approach to living a good life”. His podcast helps you get over personal limitations and evolve into the kind of person you want to become as you are building your ideal lifestyle.

Episode examples:

January 25, 2018: How to Let Go: Learning to Deal with Loss

October 5, 2017: The Real Value of Money

May 12, 2017: How To Be More Productive by Working Less

July 18, 2016: The Liberation of Not Knowing

December 17, 2015: Shut Up and Be Patient


Etsy Conversations Podcast

If you are using or considering using the Etsy platform to sell arts and crafts, this podcast is for you. It’s filled with Etsy selling tips and techniques. You’ll learn a lot from the experienced Etsy sellers who are invited onto the show.

Episode examples:

#212: Growing your handmade biz with Steffanie Housman, The Handmade Business Coach

#214: Smartphone marketing for Etsy Sellers

#208: Making money from art & humour with Suzanne Urban of Smirking Goddess Studio & Suzanne Urban Art

#199: From secondary school teacher to full-time ethical wedding jewellery business with Anna of Anna Fine Jewellery


Masters of scale

Even if you don’t plan to scale your business to become the next Amazon, this podcast gives you insights into what is happening now in the world of business – and what is just around the corner. Hosted by LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman, the podcast is very much like a produced radio show. It features famous founders with a focus on education and fascinating conversations.

Episode examples:

#21: “How to do good and do good business” (with Starbuck’s Howard Schultz)

#20: “Don’t feel fatigued by repetition. Instead, celebrate your single-mindedness” (with Ev Williams, co-founder, Medium & Twitter)

#17: How to win user love (with Sam Altman, president, Y Combinator)

#13: “You can pivot from failure to success, but only if you slash and burn the rest of your business” (with Stewart Butterfield, co-founder Slack)

#11: “Your goal is not to beat the competition. Your goal is to break free of competition entirely” (with Peter Thiel, CEO of Paypal)


The Reboot Podcast

This podcast is run by Jerry Colonna, an executive coach who uses the skills he learned as a venture capitalist to help entrepreneurs. Content is based around the ideas of radical self-inquiry, transformation, fear & failure, mindfulness, believing in yourself, trust, work/life balance, vulnerability, co-founders and vision.

Episode examples:

#78 When did you start to listen to your heart?

#77 Knowing you’re not alone: The magic of peer groups<

#41 Are you afraid of your own power?

#21 The pathless path

#18 Taking your seat


Getting Things Done

Productivity expert David Allen shares insights about ways to stay on top of things, organise everything you need to do, spend more time on the important things, and keep track of your commitments.

Episode examples:

#38: The power of outcome thinking

#33: Wrangling your priorities

#29: Keynote in Milan

#12: Self-leadership



A new podcast with marketing philosopher, speaker and writer Seth Godin. His mantra is ship, ship, ship. Stop hesitating to put yourself and your stuff out there and be remarkable, is his core message.

Episode examples:

#1: The grand opening

#2: Status roles

#3: I see you (no more square tomatoes)

#4: No such thing (as writer’s block)