Nov 20, 20185 min read

Want to Shop NYFW Looks? These Innovative Designers Make it Easy.


New York Fashion Week is upon us … you know what that means. Every fashion influencer you follow is posting awe-inspiring pics in jaw-dropping outfits as they get in and out of their #sponsored car. Fresh ads line the streets and coverage of runways flood any and all social feeds.

This is the global showcase of designers and cutting edge styles and the fashion world wants you to know it.

Anyone who follows fashion week (or exists within a mile radius of newsstands, checkout lines, TV or magazines) is likely familiar with the feeling that while these new styles are breathtaking, they are meant for someone else. Namely, that they are for those with the meticulously curated outfits, the sponsorship, the personalities, and the lives that just exude glam.

We hereby pronounce that this year, these chic styles are for you, too. Read on to snag the latest looks.

How to Shop NYFW Looks

In the past, it was customary for designers to showcase looks for the season following the current: (ie. a show taking place in February would reveal a fall line, rather than spring) but in recent years, designers are changing the game with see-now-buy-now looks. Rebecca Minkoff, a clothing designer on the forefront of this trend has publicly stated that by making the switch her brand has seen an increase in sales of over 200 percent. “The first season we did this, our sales were up 211 percent..the following season, they were up 264 percent,” she said in a Fast Company article.

See-now-buy-now is quickly becoming an industry standard in an effort to meet customer demand. Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have all followed suit, tapping into the direct to consumer market by allowing fashionistas to shop selections online right after curtains close. This generation of smartphone users will inevitably see new looks the day or minute they come out on runway – the reality being that all someone has to do is follow an industry insider for a virtual front row seat to previously exclusive showings.

As a result, trends are spreading much more quickly and fashion enthusiasts are empowered to make their own choices about what’s cool without waiting for journalists or media moguls to tell them what to wear.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: today, it’s all about the customer-centric retailer that provides shoppers with choice. It’s not about optimizing the ideal timeline for a supply chain – it’s about focusing in and capitalizing on what’s hot and in demand right now. Younger shoppers don’t want to wait six months for new fashions to become available online, and research shows that would-be-buyers will drop off prior to purchase if there is a significant delay between release and availability.

How to Shop NYFW Looks on a Budget

If you’re paying four figures a month for a tiny fifth floor walk up in Chinatown – brands who are offering runway styles at a fraction of designer costs feel your pain. It’s high time to upgrade this conversation – being fashionable shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury reserved for the elite.  Fashion is for anyone who longs to channel that runway fierceness.

Brands like TopShop and ASOS recognize that in truth, the vast majority of fashion aficionados just cannot afford to shell out two paychecks for a handbag. In-house designers for these brands find inspiration in runway looks, and often offer similar styles immediately following runway unveilings. This season’s trending must-haves include cowboy boots, jumpsuits, sharply tailored blazers and – a shocker for New Yorkers – bright and bold colors. Light wash denim is making a prolonged splash, along with the ever popular monochrome white.

Last but certainly not least, let us not forget the female power suit, which is back and badder than ever, with NYFW inspired cuts already available online at TopShop. In fact, TopShop’s blog highlights the top trends the brand has taken note of this NYFW and offers a number of styles to shop right away. As they observe, checks have taken over the runway – as well as TopShop’s inventory, which offers checkered skirts, jackets, and blouses. The brand is also offering free express shipping on items over $50 during NYFW (as if we didn’t need another reason to shop the trends).

In the UK, ASOS and TopShop take advantage of innovative technology and cutting edge payment options, making NYFW looks that much more accessible to the price conscious trend setter. They’re offering choice and giving consumers a way to pay on their terms. So that neon jumpsuit you’ve been eyeing? With alternative payment methods like try before you buy, shoppers can actually order, try, decide if they love it, keep it and pay or return at no cost.

So there you have it, shopping runway looks is easier than you think. Time to suit up – for half price.