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Give your customers the smooothest shopping experience imaginable.

With more than a decade at the heart of commerce, we truly know what matters for consumers. And what it means for you.

Smoooth payments
We improve the customer journey. From start to finish.

Offering Klarna as a payment solution is about so much more than maximising conversions. It can help you cross-sell, up-sell and boost repurchases.

Our experience working with payments has given us some extraordinary insights into the rest of the customer journey from discovery to repeat purchase. Now we’re acting on those insights with assets and features to help you sell even more.

Here's a taste of some of the ways we spread the love way beyond just the transaction.
Traffic acquisition
  • Stores & Offers
  • Co-marketing with Klarna
  • Klarna network promotion
Upstream marketing
  • Product page widgets
  • Customer cookie recognition
  • Payment method footer widget
  • Access to shopper insights
  • On-site banners
  • In-store promotion
Personalised payments
  • Smart payment method display
  • Customer pre-fill and personalisation
  • Inline payments and finance on your site
  • Business-2-Business
  • POS integration
  • Hosted payment page
  • SMS integration
  • Secure protection of customer details
Post purchase
  • Dispute resolution
  • Klarna’s Buyer Protection
  • Returns notification
  • Merchant portal
  • Information shared in “Settlement files”
  • SKU-level detail on invoice
  • Post-purchase touchpoints and promotions
  • Re-purchase opportunities
  • Package inserts

Everything connects, and it all makes sense.

One integration, one provider

Trusting Klarna as your single payment provider keeps everything under one roof. You’ll have one agreement, one point of contact, one settlement file, one payout. There’s just one integration – after that our services are automatically updated and maintained without you having to lift a finger.

We take the risk. You get your money.

When you sell with Klarna you will always get paid for every order. Klarna takes all the fraud and credit risk. Our technology-driven underwriting is better at assessing risk, which means we accept more purchases. Or, to put it another way: Our smart security helps grow your business.

Always updated. Always at our best.

Automatic updates mean no downloads or patches. Ever. Our dynamic solution means payment offers are tailored to suit local norms and the personal preferences of each user. We take the friction out at every stage, using data and machine learning to make the user experience truly smoooth.

Support that speaks your language, 24/7

With a local customer support on a global level you and your customers will be treated with care, no matter where you are. All-you-need tools for developers online – backed up by technical support teams with more than a decade of experience.

Global, but local

Our coverage, experience and technology means we give you a global reach and your customers a local experience. Locally compliant solutions reflect regulations in each of our markets, and match the different ways people like to shop and spend.

Respecting privacy for you and your customers

GDPR and PCI compliance is only the start. Klarna places the highest importance on privacy and data protection. We have a privacy office of dedicated lawyers in Europe committed to protecting the individual’s privacy within our systems above all else. Peace of mind is guaranteed. Locally compliant solutions reflect regulations in each of our markets, and match the different ways people like to shop and spend.

The different ways to give Klarna to your customers

Configurations and solutions for every size and type of business, from highstreet chains to start-ups.
We use smart widgets for you to just drop in that will display exactly what you want, whether it’s an entire checkout, a single payment method or something inbetween. Oh yeah, and it works in the «physical» world too.

Smart. But simple.

We understand every business is different. So our products work exactly how you want. Whether you’re a technophobe or a seasoned developer, we give you all the tools you need.

Integrating directly with our APIs

Our fully-equipped developer toolkit is backed by tech support teams with decades of experience. Our RESTful API and SDK helps you integrate Klarna payment solutions in a snap.

Ready-to-go integrations

Pre-configured plugins, modules and extensions for eCommerce platforms, point-of-sales systems and open source solutions connect Klarna to your business in the best possible way. It’s as simple as flicking a switch.

You had me at smoooth.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of partnering with Klarna, click the button below. Starting with Klarna will have you up and running in no time. But we’re always ready to help if you need us.

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