How do I make another purchase with Klarna?

You might experience that the Klarna payment option is not available to you when making another purchase. There are many different factors such as your outstanding order balance, the store you are checking out with, or any missed payments that can lead to you being blocked from using Klarna.

We understand that it can be frustrating to be declined for purchase after being approved in the past. However, our approval process helps Klarna responsibly offer our services to our customers.

If you would like to make purchases with Klarna again, we recommend the following:

  • If you still have balances on unpaid purchases, it would be beneficial to pay them off to increase your approval chance.
  • The total amount in the shopping cart may be too high, so try to remove an item(s) and try again.
  • History of positive behaviour as a Klarna customer can improve your chances of being approved, so make sure not to miss or delay payment.

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