Where can I find my orders, balance and payments?

You can view all your orders, outstanding balance and payments, by logging into the Klarna app or here. Once logged in, select ‘My Klarna’ to navigate between your purchases and payments, or ‘Klarna Financing Account’ to view your payments as well as statement history.

Still unable to view your orders?
Orders made with Klarna are linked to the email address the order was placed with. If there is no existing Klarna account registered for the email used, a new Klarna account will be created for that order. So if you are not seeing a specific purchase, it is important to check that you have logged into your Klarna profile with the email address you have used at the checkout . To see what email address is connected to the order you are looking for, just check the confirmation email you received from the store. If the email address is non-existent, we recommend changing the email address.

Apple Pay
When you place an order by signing up with Apple ID you have the option of sharing or hiding your email address. If you chose to hide your email address when using your Apple ID a random email address will be created to keep your information private. In this case you won’t be able to see the order in the app as it is linked to the random email address , please chat with our Customer Service to change the email address on the order.

Make sure to download the Klarna app to never miss a payment and be in full control!

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