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23 nov. 20201 min lästid

Close to 500.000 shoppers are holiday-ready with the Klarna Card.


av Klarna

Almost half a million shoppers can’t be wrong – the Klarna card is the best way to get ready for Black Friday and the holiday shopping season.

The Klarna card, currently available to Swedish and German shoppers, has become extremely popular lately. October was the best month since the launch of the card in 2018 The number of new cardholders increased by 65% compared to the monthly average in 2020. September was also a record month, which shows that demand has been building up ahead of Black Friday and the holiday season. 

And why wouldn’t it? With the Klarna card, shoppers can purchase items from any store – offline or online – and pay however they prefer. Perfect for buying Christmas gifts to family and friends, and have the possibility to pay later instead of having to pay everything upfront.

The card is connected to the Klarna app, where shoppers get all the information about their purchases, see all transactions, choose how to pay for them, and also control their card for an extra layer of security. Of course, it’s also possible to use it to pay contactless with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay and Fitbit Pay. 

Applying for the Klarna card is super easy with just a few taps in the app. And best of all, it’s completely free of charge. You can choose from two different designs – Licorice or Marshmallow – depending on your taste. But functionality is the same on both. Get your hands on it today and get ready for the holiday sales.


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