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11 dec. 20202 min lästid

Empowering our community to do good.

Niklas Gillström

av Niklas Gillström

Sustainability is a topic that’s close to our heart. As a company we’ve come far to simplify the way people shop online but we’re also aware that we have a certain role to play in doing what’s right for our planet.

As we continue to grow and expand into new markets, we’ve constantly evaluated new innovative ways we can add our smoooth factor to topics that consumers feel are important. We want to allow for such space to exist. That’s why in 2019 we decided to become climate neutral and have since set out new targets to continue reducing our carbon footprint.

What we soon realised however is that our own real estate has an important role to play as well. Everyday one million transactions take place with Klarna, which means one million opportunities to do good.

That’s why we are transforming parts of our own real estate into a place to allow for true community empowerment. The Klarna Checkout is one of our most valuable and high traffic placements within our own ecosystem. Rather than using this space to only promote purchase related services, we are giving it away to impactful NGO’s fighting climate change. With a few simple clicks, consumers will now be able to act immediately after completing a purchase and donate money for a good cause.

We will be collaborating with NGOs supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals focused on driving positive change for the environment. During the summer and fall, we successfully conducted a test with Milkywire, a charity platform built on digital innovation to simplify the direct connection between people and worldwide local impacters, such as Pelagiska (tackling plastic debris in our oceans, MITI Alliance (protecting forests and planting trees) and Climate Sentinels (studying glaciers and climate change). The initial feedback from customers during the test phase has been promising with one donation every 90 minutes from a limited base. As we expand this initiative we will further explore partnership opportunities in this space to shed light on similar worthy causes.

“It’s exciting to hear about this partnership which I know will help us greatly. The fact that our work will be noticed by Klarna customers will lead to more plastic being cleaned up from our beaches and seas. Every Krona collected through the collaboration will be used to that avail.”Tomas Eriksson, Pelagiska

We are excited to be rolling out this initiative, starting in Sweden and Germany, and look forward to seeing the positive impact our community will have on our planet.



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