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17 apr. 20201 min lästid

Klarna wins the Epic Brands award.

Isabella Ahmadi

av Isabella Ahmadi

Klarna is very honored to have been appointed winner of the “Epic Brands” award 2020. The company won the bank category – thank you for this prestigious acknowledgment! 

So what does it take to win the Epic Brand title? The Swedish award is based on a study analyzing 343 brands across 52 categories. The study got into the nitty-gritty and asked a representative selection of thousands of consumers about their opinions on the brands. The goal was to find out which are the most popular, distinguishable and meaningful. 

Klarna ticked the boxes – and was named the winner! 

We take much pride in being a highly engaging brand that speaks to consumers. Our success recipe consists of pop culture, humanity and disruption – a concoction integrated with our clever and flexible products. Humble and happy, we also want to congratulate the winners of the other categories, as well as all our partners who help us build the brand stronger and smooother every day.