Jul 9, 20202 min read

3 reasons why using Klarna is the smartest way to shop online.

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by Klarna

At Klarna we believe in giving our customers flexibility and financial control, but that’s not all. We also have other handy tools that make shopping with Klarna the smartest way to shop online.

1. Try before you buy.

Have you ever paused on a website wondering what size is right for you? Or maybe you’ve looked at a product and pondered which colour would suit you best? If you were shopping in-store, you would simply head to the fitting room and try before you buy, so why should shopping online be any different?Our Pay in 30 days product gives you the flexibility to turn your sitting room into a fitting room and bring the in-store experience home. We spoke to 5k Klarna customers and over 50% of them told us that the ability to try before they buy was one of the things they loved most about shopping with Klarna.It’s really easy, order the products, work out what you like, return the bits you don’t and only pay for what you keep. If the products are not what you expected, you can simply return them with no money leaving your hands and no waiting around for refunds.

2. All your receipts in one place.

Have you ever lost a receipt, or wished you knew what date you made a purchase? Shopping with Klarna makes tracking your receipts easy. We store them all within the Klarna app, so you don’t have to keep any paperwork! If you have a problem, simply visit the app and you can view your entire purchase history across all 6.5k Klarna stores – now that’s smoooth shopping.

3. Additional protection.

At Klarna we believe that no-one should pay for a purchase they are not happy with or one that didn’t arrive. All our customers who shop online are protected by the Klarna Buyers Protection policy. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with a purchase, Klarna’s Buyer Protection Policy ensures that the consumer is not liable, and any money is refunded immediately if the purchased item is not as expected.