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5 tactics for humanising the commerce experience with Space48.

Holli Barrett, Space48

by Holli Barrett

The shift to digital commerce has been steadily rising over the past few years, and the pandemic saw online retail sales surge by 32% in 2020.

According to Worldpay, the UK’s e-commerce market is currently the third largest in the world and it is expected to grow by 37% in the next three years. However, inexperience in this new space has led to a challenge: the ability to nurture meaningful and profitable relationships through human online experiences.

Ubiquitous across all sectors or industries, we all find ourselves asking how does one replicate the  interactions and experiences of in-store shopping? How can we get to know our customers properly, and connect with them on a personal level? And how can we utilise the wealth of digital tools available to make the digital feel inherently more human?

Human experiences


At Space 48 answering these questions is our mission. Quite literally, we define our mission as “To create more human and compelling ecommerce experiences.” The following 5 tactics are where we like to start with our customers.

1. The Full Solution.

You wouldn’t let your customer leave your store without everything they need. It’s bad service. And an opportunity missed in terms of sales.

Keyword-rich copy, live-chat services, a detailed FAQ page, and cross-sell technologies are fantastic substitutes for the in-store sales consultant. Collectively, they’ll provide all the advice a customer needs to ‘leave’ with everything they need.

2. Bringing Products to Life.

Humans are sensory creatures. Meaning one of the greatest challenges in ecommerce is making the product come to life. A key contender in making that dream a reality is the introduction of 3D and AR.

3D/AR technology is the closest thing we have to help customers visualise products in their home or on their bodies. While it cannot offer the touch and feel aspect, it goes a long way in replicating how a product would look in their lives. While there are shining examples of AR adoption across the beauty industry, a key market that would benefit from 3D/AR would be those in ‘considered commerce’ industries: beds, sofas, furniture etc.

3. Genuine Guided Selling.

Customers aren’t left to walk around aimlessly in stores, and they shouldn’t be online. Whether you use a chatbot, shoppable content, or on-page guides, they should all have the purpose of positioning products that are relevant to your customer and guiding them through the buyer journey.

Primarily this strategy invites customers to explore your site, and can put them at ease by taking away the fear of not knowing where to start. Think of it as having a digital personal shopping – you’re providing assistance, but within a fraction of the time in store.

4. Proper, precise personalisation.

Make your customer feel important. Because they are. In the online space, this boils down to how personal their experience is with your brand.

Using content personalisation is a great way to wow customers and serve relevant products and content to them throughout their buying journey. This also goes for content served in marketing emails, text messages or social ads. Each channel is an opportunity to make the customer feel there is a human at the other end of the message.

5. Avoid ‘users’. Remember customers.

Treat your customers as customers. Show them you care by reaching out and listening to them.

It’s hard to nurture trust online. People are reluctant to share their data. Customers are less familiar with online shopping. Getting feedback can be a challenge.  But if you are genuine about your intent, communicate it clearly, and demonstrate your authenticity over time, people will begin to trust you.  Simply picking up the phone and talking to your customers after their purchase can go a long way. There’s nothing more human than actually speaking to someone.


Interested in learning more about humanising the commerce experience? Head over on the ‘Human Commerce Experiences’ episode of Space48’s Space Bar podcast.


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