Dec 23, 20201 min read

Klarna comment: ASA rules against four Klarna social media posts.

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by Klarna

You may have read that the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority has ruled that four social media posts we commissioned earlier this year contravened their guidelines. We wanted to lay out our reaction to the finding and provide some context here.

We are of course disappointed in the decision and have removed the four posts highlighted by the ASA. We understand our obligations and take our role as an advertiser extremely seriously, particularly in the context of supporting responsible spending and financial well-being during what’s been a unique and challenging year for UK consumers.

During 2020, the single largest marketing investment we made was in KlarnaSense, a campaign to address impulse shopping. In that context, we thought long and hard about the text of the posts which were subsequently investigated by the ASA. It was a genuine attempt to recognise the mood of many of our consumers at the start of the first lockdown. We acknowledge that, whilst we had the best of intentions, we missed the mark with the four posts the ASA has looked into.

Whilst we always adhere to all available ‘influencer’ guidelines and are compliant in terms of partnership signposting, we support more clarity in this space. This is a frankly a bigger topic than us. It cuts across brands and sectors, regulated or not, and we believe some leadership on this is required, which is why we are setting up an ‘Influencer Thought Leader Council’ consisting of media owners, consumers, wellness charity partner and influencers with the intention of providing better guidance for all brands in this space and in doing so support and engage with the ASA on this topic.