May 10, 20211 min read

Discover the truth: Klarna is for more than just fashionistas.

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by Klarna

Myth: Klarna is only for fashionistas.

Truth: Hold up! It’s true, we love fashion – but we’re about way more than that. At our core, Klarna is about making payments and shopping easier for consumers wherever they shop.

So whilst fashion is an important category, we actually work with over 13,000 merchants in the UK selling a wide range of products far beyond your wardrobe. We’re talking homeware, sports gear, beauty and health, tech, outdoor and much much more. Fun fact – our fastest-growing categories are electronics and home & garden. Maybe all the staying at home over the past year had something to do with it!

If you didn’t already know, you can actually shop with Klarna in over 17 different countries – that’s right, there’s a whole planet of smoooth shoppers out there! – and we’re working with 250,000 retailers around the world, to help you get the things you love.

Explore all Klarna UK retailers here.