May 20, 20204 min read

Eight 2020 Beauty trends you can still embrace during lockdown with Beauty Bay.

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by Beauty Bay

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Cast your mind back to the beginning of the year when experts predicted the trends set to be big-hitters in 2020.

Granted, some of those trends may not matter anymore, but as lockdowns continue around the world with a whole new influence on what is (and can be) popular, these ones have a whole new relevance – and are totally ‘do it at home’ friendly.

90s revival.

If you didn’t get on board with the 90s revival back in 2019, good news – the look is still in. Searches for ‘scrunchies’ are up 6000+% on Pinterest and it’s not hard to see why. Who wouldn’t want to accessorise their Zoom call look with this 90s hair styling staple?


With more time spent indoors, people find themselves forced to slow down and invest more time in their self-care rituals. Self-care is all about finding joy in the small things – a long bath, a face mask, or a new lipstick.

Ethical beauty.

Environmentally friendly beauty was a conversation that really took off in 2018 with the banning of microbeads, and it certainly isn’t going anywhere soon. Cotton buds and face wipes have joined the list of ‘no-go’ beauty items and brands like Upcircle are creating beauty products using upcycled waste and recyclable packaging.

Upcircle image

At-home facials.

If you can’t go out for a facial, bring the facial inside to you… From sheet masks and face peels through to jade rollers and microdermabrasion devices, we’ve all got a lot more time on our hands to spend on skincare these days and what better opportunity than this to get our skin back on track?


Thanks to last summer’s hit show Euphoria (set to return this year), beauty’s collective obsession with neon makeup rides on. If you’re bored and playing with your makeup, this is a fun one to experiment with – try a neon liner or blend multiple shades of eyeshadow for a watercolour effect.

Sexual wellbeing.

Shopping for sex products just became a whole new experience thanks to the launch of cool-girl vibrator brands like Smile Makers and Lelo. With experts hailing orgasms as every bit as important to our mental and physical wellbeing as exercise and meditation, sex is no longer a taboo subject.

Sexual wellbeing image

Head-to-toe beauty.

Proving that skincare doesn’t stop at the jawline, this trend is all about taking a full-body approach to beauty. From foot peels and hand masks through to stubble serums and anti-chafing creams, the beauty industry is offering up options to every imaginable skin concern.


Okay, this is one we can 100% get on board with. We all know how important a good night’s sleep is, but it’s all the more appealing when accompanied by silk pillowcases, pillow sprays, sleep supplements, and eye masks.