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Hot Futures creates cool experiences with Vend & Klarna.

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Hot by name and nature.

Hot Futures is an up and coming independent eyewear and fashion accessory brand with a flagship store in London’s buzzing area, Shoreditch. Enticing locals, tourists and international visitors, with a dazzling range of well-crafted and handmade products, it’s community-inspired sales experiences are supported in-store by Vend’s commerce point of sale solution and Klarna pay later.

From online to Brick Lane.

Having successfully deployed Klarna in its online webstore, driving double digit improvements in online conversion, loyalty and uplift, Hot Futures was eager to give customers the same payment freedom and purchasing confidence in-store.

Making in-store a hot destination with Klarna.

Whilst Tanya Brown, co-owner and co-founder of Hot Futures, advocates that Klarna’s in-store payment options have helped Hot Futures to “become a ‘go to store’ for locals and a hot destination, the team are aware of the deeper value of Klarna as an acquisition tool.

Used globally by more than 80 Million customers, Klarna’s international brand is also a powerful acquisition asset,” says Jake Jarvis, co-owner and co-founder of Hot Futures. “Shoppers from Scandinavia, Germany and the US, are very comfortable with the pay later concept. Being able to use Klarna with us, helps alleviate any initial concerns about buying from a smaller independent UK outlet – that’s a real value-point for us.


Access the full case study with Hot Futures below to discover how in partnership with Vend we made Hot Futures shine online and in-store.

Read the full case study with Hot Futures.

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