Jul 8, 20204 min read

How to build an investment wardrobe in 3 steps with Yasmin Fatollahy.

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by Klarna

Ever wondered how to build an investment wardrobe? We sat down with Yasmin Fatollahy to find her top tips for maximising your wardrobe with just a few pieces.

Tell us about your everyday style?

My style is very laid back and casual, I love to pair jeans with a basic tee and trainers, that I can then swap out for some cute mules for an evening going out look, for the most minimal effort transition, yet still looking put together and stylish.

How did you start as an influencer?

I love being creative and playing around with colour, in fashion and interiors. I thought others would love the visual impact of my content because of my statement choices – turns out it was a massive hit!

What are your three tips to building an investment wardrobe and why?

  1. Basics – we all need basics to build up a good baseline!
  2. Quality – recently I’ve tried to shop for items that I know will last because of the quality of fabrics used. Even if the price tag may be a little higher, I know I will get my moneys worth, as they will last a lifetime!
  3. Statement pieces – whether that be a pair of beautiful gold hoop earrings, or gorgeous leather bag. Having a statement piece really adds that extra touch of style to your outfit, and trust me, people will love it!

What has been your best wardrobe purchase?

My best wardrobe purchase must be my mini croc leather handbag! Its perfect for every day casual outfits as it has a crossbody strap attachment – very practical! I can then remove the strap for transitioning into an evening look, which looks so classy. I get a lot of compliments on this bag; it was worth every penny!

Do you have any other rules you apply when shopping?

If something catches my eye, I will instantly know if I like it or not. I tell myself, if I’m questioning its use, then I don’t need it or won’t wear it!

How has your social media presence changed your view on how you buy clothes?

I now shop for quality over quantity. I think it’s important to find pieces that you can style with multiple outfits, or crossover into different style trends. Buying a quality piece will last you so much longer, and it will look fantastic!

What does style mean to you?

Style to me, shows off who you are as a person, it expresses your personality and how you want others to view you!

What has been your worst wardrobe purchase?

My worst purchase is a dress I bought for my brother’s wedding, that I promised myself I’d fit into if I bought it a size smaller. I now have this beautiful dress hung in my wardrobe, that I’m too attached to that I can’t get rid of, but I also can’t zip up!

What part of your wardrobe is worth investing in the most?

I invest the most into a winter coat! I live in the North East of England, so I get a lot of wear out of my outerwear. I could be wearing my pyjamas underneath, but no one would ever notice, as my coat looks so perfect!

What’s the biggest financial lesson you’ve learnt now that you’re on top of your game as an influencer?

Think about my purchases, plan how I will style them, and imagine them in my lifestyle before forking out a small fortune for something I will have no use of!

Do you have any personal rules or decisions that you make prior to accepting a job from a brand?

I will only work with a brand if I truly agree with their brand ethos, and I will want to comfortably share with my following. I would never share something I don’t believe in or wouldn’t use myself. I like to be transparent and true to who I am!