Jun 13, 20213 min read

How to create an Insta-worthy house for less.

Emily Murray

by Emily Murray

“Instagrammable” is a word we hear constantly, suggesting whatever it’s referring to looks especially appealing when posted on those little squares. Instagrammable food seems extra-tasty, Instagrammable holiday pics transport you to that dream destination, and an Instagrammable outfit makes the wearer appear to be living their best life. But what makes a HOME Insta-worthy?

As someone who has built an interiors-based business on Instagram, it won’t surprise you to hear I’ve given a lot of thought to that question. The good news is that – unlike some of those prettily styled-up food shots that aren’t even edible –  Insta-worthy homes tend to be just as lovely in real life as they are on the app. And the even better news? I’ve identified six simple-yet-effective ways to create a gorgeous home that’ll delight both you and your IG followers, without breaking the bank. Are you ready? Here we go: 

Let there be light

Daylight is THE most important thing when it comes to creating a feel-good home. It’s also vital for fabulous interiors photos. Maximise the daylight in your home by choosing window coverings that can be drawn or pulled clear of the windows when they’re open – curtains if you have space either side; blinds if there’s plenty room above. Or perhaps you’d prefer to keep the window uncluttered: try super-affordable opaque window film for privacy without sacrificing light.

Go for green

Plants can be purchased for just a couple of pounds, and they will more than earn their keep. Stylists often add plants to professional room shots to add life and texture – plus green goes with everything! And of course they help purify the air, and provide an excellent excuse for pretty pot purchases…

Unforgettable floors

If you’re not a fan of your home’s current flooring, I have an easy, affordable – and Insta-worthy – cover-up: rugs! You’d be amazed by the range available online, from timeless Moroccan designs to wipeable outdoor rugs which also work brilliantly in kitchens: I’d urge you to get googling!

Bright bathrooms

Instagram loves a fun, characterful bathroom, but if yours is beige and boring and funds are running low, I have two words for you: tile paint. Approximately a squillion tiles cheaper than ripping out and replacing those uninspiring tiles, a lick of paint will transform your littlest room before you can say “scroll-stopper”.

Expect the unexpected

Dare to be different and it’ll do wonders for your mood AND your social media standing, so go bold and express yourself! I have a trapeze in my family room and a selection of Christmas decorations on permanent display, but who knows what presses your personality buttons (and your followers’ ‘like’ button 😉 )?! A rummage round a vintage shop – or your childhood home – might help provide inspiration.

Shut the front door

Make an entrance in the easiest and most cost-effective way – with a colourful front door! Anything goes, though I’ve heard it said that Instagram is especially fond of pink. I couldn’t possibly comment…