Apr 13, 20206 min read

Inspiration: At-home workouts.

by Emma Doyle

You’d be hard-pressed to find many homes with a fitness centre setup in the basement – after all, most at-home workouts happen on whatever floor space you can find!

The good news is you don’t need much to increase your heart rate, build muscle tone, and keep yourself energised whilst staying safe at home. Read on for some of our favourite work-out kit that you can shop at Klarna retailers! Please use Klarna responsibly.



Yoga is the perfect blend of focus, endurance and strength. All you need to get started on sun salutations (or head-stand practice!) is a mat. Pro tip: You can also use a block or strap to help stabilise your balance or ease into a deeper stretch. Shop now at MyGymWardrobe and Gymshark.



You can use weights for a few reps each day to tone your muscles! Click here to shop this set from Bulldog. If you don’t want to invest in a set of dumbbells, several household items can double as hand weights as well – such as tins of food or water bottles.



These simple, stretchy bands can be used from head to toe to create an easy resistance-training routine that helps create long, lean muscles. Shop now.



Looking to burn mega calories? Go for a skipping rope. It’s a super effective workout that provides a heart-healthy cardio challenge—and harkens back to the joys of childhood. Shop now.



Get back in the saddle with some at-home spinning! Work to your own beat or head online to find live stream classes and the most popular routines. Shop now.



The gym ball can engage your whole body depending on the exercises you use it for. This simple piece of equipment provides a serious, challenging workout that’ll develop your balance and core strength. Shop now.