Apr 20, 20205 min read

Inspiration: Self-care 101.

by Emma Doyle

There’s no denying that rest and relaxation are essential to our well-being. Work, family obligations and other day-to-day responsibilities can often leave us with little time to tend to our personal needs. From reducing stress to improving physical health, the benefits of self-care are significant and endless.

Read on for some suggestions on how to slow down, hit reset and find your happy place with a little help from Klarna retailers. Please use Klarna responsibly.



Close your eyes and relax your mind with a few deep breaths. Want to enhance the experience? Indulge in some calming essential oils or try a diffuser to create a beautifully aromatic, R&R-friendly space. Shop now.



Meditation is a proven method of reducing stress. Give yourself a few moments to breathe deeply and focus on being centred and staying grounded. Shop now.



Baths should be 100% YOU time. Get away from distractions and put things on hold for just a little while as you float in a relaxing rose pool made only for one. Shop now.



There’s nothing calming about harsh lights or mobile phone glare. Turn everything off and light a fragrant candle that’ll illuminate your space in a warm, comforting glow. Shop now.



Instead of treating your morning or evening skincare routine as a necessity, think of it as a luxurious break. Take a couple extra minutes to apply a soothing face mask or nourishing moisturiser to dry hands. Shop now at Vitamasques and Feel Unique.