Jun 23, 20205 min read

Inspiration: WFH made simple.

by Emma Doyle

Any office space has its challenges; however, working from home can present unique hurdles of its own—from your kids’ special guest appearances on video calls to makeshift desks that aren’t exactly . . . practical. The trick? Mastering comfort and productivity in equal measure so that you can make the most of your environment – and get down to business.

Ahead, a few simple solutions and suggestions to keep you cozy and motivated from 9 to 5. Please shop responsibly.



If it’s not possible to support your local coffee shop, why not surprise yourself by brewing (and frothing up!) your own delicious latte? Shop now.



Pretty mugs are perfect for much-needed tea and coffee breaks. This one by Yes Studio at ASOS also doubles as a game of noughts and crosses! Shop now.



Even in the smallest apartments, a foldaway desk is a practical solution for setting up a productive work space. For after hours, simply pack your office away when it’s no longer needed. Shop now.



Improve concentration with headphones that keep out distracting sounds and stream in focus-friendly tunes. This wireless bluetooth pair from Urbanista allows you to take important work calls without being tied to your new foldaway desk. Shop now.



Yes, you should probably get out of your pyjamas in order to take on the workday. But keep the cosy slippers on – it’s not like your co-workers will spot them over a Zoom conference call. Shop now.



Wrap yourself up in something cosy and soft when you need to recharge your battery during the day. After all, one of the best parts about working from home is being surrounded by all the things that make you comfortable. Shop now.