Nov 16, 20204 min read

Interview with Eleanore Chetcuti, Head of Brand at Missguided.

Emily Thomas

by Emily Thomas

Please tell us about you and your role at Missguided.

I’m Eleanore Chetcuti, and I am the Head of Brand here at Missguided.

What does diversity mean to you personally?

For me, diversity goes hand-in-hand with equality. And equality in fashion matters because fashion is for everyone – everyone has the right to feel confident, wear whatever they want and not be judged in any way.

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The fashion industry as a whole is trying to become more diverse. Our campaign ‘Clothes Love All’ and your campaign ‘However You Nude’ are two examples where brands are helping drive this change. Why is this important for Missguided?

Here at Missguided we’ve always been proud of our empowering messaging and content. But it’s more than a message – it’s what we’re all about.

Sadly, increasing numbers of young people are more and more under pressure – from social media and their peers to have the perfect lifestyle and look a certain way.

We know this causes mental health issues and lack of wellbeing among our customers so it’s our responsibility to help battle these stigmas and enable our customers to feel confident in who they are. We feel strongly it’s ok to be different – everyone is unique and that’s an awesome thing we all need to own.

Can you please tell us more about the ‘However You Nude’ campaign and the models?

‘However you nude’ came out of a larger initiative we’re running within the business, widening our breath of product to suit a much more diverse customer base.

With this in mind we produced a much larger range of ‘ nude’ product, enabling us to again showcase our inclusive thinking with an inspirational and empowering cast.

The messaging mirrors everything our brand stands for. Whoever you are and however you want to wear Missguided, we have you covered.

What, in your opinion, is needed from brands to ensure all types of people are represented in one way or another in the fashion industry?

It’s probably not our place to speak for other brands – each one is different. But for us, we’ve built Missguided on a position of empowerment, meaning diversity isn’t a gimmick or a marketing strategy.
Whatever other brands do, they need to make sure it’s real – they need to weave the right messages into their DNA so it’s natural and cohesive, not forced.

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What do you think individual consumers can do to drive this change?

I would say it’s less for the consumer, more the responsibly of brands, Education sectors and the media – especially social media.

If I was to say one thing it would be to support diverse campaigns where possible, share the content and don’t post negatively.

The cast we use are real people, nasty comments is bullying and that’s ugly.

What is Missguided doing to support diversity within your business?

At Missguided we have a number of initiatives running within the business which create equal opportunities for employees and apprenticeship schemes, as well as supporting charities including Models of Diversity and Stop Hate UK.

Right from the top, we’re passionate about making change here and is driving forward change and I’m proud to be a part of it.