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Introducing Klarna’s #GiveOne Initiative.

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by Klarna

On April 22, 2021 we officially launched #GiveOne.

The starting point of Klarna’s contributions to our planet’s health. It’s an ambitious beginning with an even more ambitious horizon.

A little less conversation, a little more action.

That’s the idea behind our all new planet health initiative, Give One. Klarna’s 90 million global shoppers can see the climate impact of the shopping they do in the Klarna app through average kgCO2 assessments made on each transaction. The new feature brings to life one of the largest awareness efforts on carbon footprints ever made, by introducing CO2 data on a global scale.

The launch of Klarna’s carbon footprint tracker comes on the back of our commitment to donate 1% of our latest funding round of $1 billion. We’re giving $10 million to support high-impact projects addressing the climate and biodiversity crisis and focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (12-15). As part of the initiative, we will make our 1% framework publicly available, in the hope of inspiring fellow growth and pre-IPO companies to follow in our footsteps.

Along with in-app CO2 tracking, we’re making it easier for shoppers to donate to charitable organisations working for planet health globally. Through a new partnership with Milkywire, donors can support local grassroots projects directly, connect with the experts working in the field, and see proof of the impact by following their progress through weekly video updates on the Milkywire app. Klarna is also committing to reducing its global company emissions and setting an internal levy of $100 per tCO2 emitted on scope 1 & 2 and travel. The annual funds will be donated to climate transformation projects.

Give One is just the beginning of Klarna’s contribution to our planet’s health.

We believe every individual and every company has a role to play in developing a sustainable future. Our platform brings unique potential to educate and build awareness among our consumers on the link between shopping and the planet.

We’re approaching the climate challenge with a sense of urgency, but also with great optimism that we can have a meaningful, positive, and lasting impact. Because who knows what happens when we put our mind, heart, and wallet into making a tangible positive impact on the climate and for biodiversity?


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A little less conversation, a little more action.