Dec 31, 20201 min read

Klarna comment: Brexit.

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by Klarna

So that’s it, we have almost left 2020 behind, and that also means that the UK has left the European Union, and we have completed the Brexit transition period.

So what does that mean for Klarna in the UK?

Klarna Bank AB is a Swedish bank, and has permissions to provide its financial products and services in the UK under the EU’s financial services passporting regime. During the transition period our services continued as normal, and all consumer rights and protections derived from EU law remained in place.

From 11pm 31 December 2020, UK legislation (the temporary permissions regime) will allow Klarna to continue operating and maintain access to the UK market – as such, Klarna will continue to operate as normal in the UK, whilst coming within the full scope of UK regulatory supervision.

We continue to closely monitor all political and regulatory developments – and follow UK regulatory obligations, and will work alongside our retail partners and consumers to provide the same level of service and range of products into 2021, and beyond.