Apr 17, 20207 min read

Let’s celebrate retailers helping the community.

Emily Thomas

by Emily Thomas

It’s been almost a month since the UK entered lockdown, and out of the doom and gloom that has been dominating the headlines, we’ve seen some incredible stories of solidarity and community spirit.

At Klarna we have a fantastic community of retailers and we want to end the week on a high, celebrating those who are changing their business, pulling together and generally just making life that little bit easier.

To celebrate them, their kindness and creativity here are some of our favourite stories…

Repurposing supply chains.

PAI Skincare

PAI Skincare are a London based beauty brand founded for people with sensitive skin. All their products are organic and made at their own laboratories.

Since the Covid-19 crisis hit and the world ran out of hand sanitiser, PAI used one of their lead chemists to develop a formula in just two days! Not only is this brand helping to keep us all safe, they’re also helping out the local community at the same time. For every item ordered, they’ll donate one to a front line worker in a school, nursery or the NHS, some also go to charity to help others in need.

So far over 3000 tubes have been donated. The product was so popular, their first two batches sold out – but you’re in luck, the third has just finished production and can be ordered here.


Just do it is their motto, and that’s exactly what they did! Not only have our friends at Nike donated an incredible $15m to charities helping the Covid-19 response efforts, they’ve also redeployed production from footwear to facemasks. Nike’s full-face shield will deliver much needed personal protective equipment to those on the front line – starting in Boston, USA. The company have said they plan to roll out other initiatives to support the communities in cities where Nike employees live and work, so watch this space.


H&M is famous for making great design available for everyone. Now they’ve put their efforts into producing 100,000 face masks, with the first batch already shipped to Spain and Italy, some of the countries most hit by the recent Covid-19 outbreak. These masks will provide protective equipment for health care staff and hospitals in several countries and communities and the company is also looking to produce other products, such as overalls, face screens and gloves.

Staying fit.

Joe Wicks might be keeping the nation’s children fit and healthy with his daily PE lessons, but how can you keep fit whilst still sticking to the one hour a day out of the house exercise allowance.


One of the best things about lockdown is the ability to wear athleisure all the time (yes, we know you are wearing leggings and tracksuits to work)!

Our friends at Gymshark have decided to ensure that you won’t just be sat at work in their clothing, you will also be breaking a sweat working out. For the foreseeable future, the Gymshark app has free at-home workouts (which normally require a monthly subscription fee). So now you can do a HIIT class, a full body workout or maybe some weight training (with water bottles if you don’t have weights) all from the comfort of your living room.


If you don’t have space or haven’t managed to get hold of one of Peloton’s award winning exercise bikes, fear not, the brand behind the exercise revolution and cult workout classes has other ways to help you keep fit.

Download the Peloton app and you can have a 90 day free trial and stay healthy from the comfort of your own home. All the classes (with their renowned instructors) can be streamed and feature a mixture of formats from cycling, running, strength through to yoga. There are thousands of classes available on-demand, whenever you want!

Staying social.

Are you bored in the house, bored in the house, bored?! One of the hardest things for many is staying social and entertained during these difficult times. If you’ve done too many Tik-Tok videos, are sick of Zoom and feel like you’ve completed Netflix (don’t get us started on Tiger King) – we might have some entertainment for you.

We know from experience that you’re loving our daily Secret Shopper challenges and have so far awarded over 23 people with vouchers for some of their favourite retailers. Make sure you follow our Instagram and tune-in at 12:00 on the dot every weekday for your chance to win!

So what else are our friends in the retail community doing to entertain you?

River Island

Our friends at River Island are now back open for business (online), but whilst you weren’t able to shop with River Island that didn’t mean you couldn’t still have fun with them. Follow their Instagram for daily entertainment either through Emoji Pictionary (we can’t get enough) or a house party with DJ sets with some of the best tunes to get you through.

JD Sports

Trust our friends at JD Sports to get us behind the scenes with some of the biggest athletes on the planet. They’ve launched their #InTheZone series streaming interviews live on Friday nights. Sad that the Premier League is on pause – don’t fret, last week they covered football and this week we are entering the world of MMA! Each week the team take a look at a different sport and with a host like Josh Denzel, and guests like Antony Joshua, what’s not to love!