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Insider tips to making ecommerce experiences ‘magnetic’.

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The Klarna Summer Small Business Accelerator Programme continues, bringing experts to our small and medium-size business partners with clear, actionable advice on ways to improve their businesses and attract new customers. The fourth session in the series was titled “6 forces that make up magnetic ecommerce experiences.” led by Rachel Tonner, Senior Global Marketing Manager at Klevu. Experts in the use of AI-product discovery to create hyper-relevant personalised experiences, Klevu know a thing or two about making ecommerce experiences more magnetic. 


You can view the entire session here, but in the meantime we’ve picked the smartest tips from Klevu for attracting and keeping visitors on your site for longer.


Six stages of product discovery.

There are lots of touch-points and interactions on the customer journey, where retailers can turn negative friction points into positive experiences. Getting some or all of these right is a sure-fire way of boosting product discovery and sales.

This playbook will guide you through how to optimise the UX every step of the way.

  1. Navigation: Ensure that your products are easily accessible by placing header and footer searches where users can easily find them.Homepage: offer product recommendations and include recently viewed items, making personalised suggestions based on past purchases and preferences if you can.
  2. Search Engine: Make sure your search engine can understand your customers. Did you know that 54% of websites can’t process complex terms? (e.g. “red sofa under £500” or “checked, low-rise trousers”). Or that 26% of ecommerce sites can’t process simple, misspelled words? Don’t lose sales because your search can’t cope with a long sentence, voice over mobile, or even a simple typo – always include Natural Language Processing (NLP). If customers do end up on a “no results” page, ensure it’s not a dead end. You can stop them abandoning your site by using the page to provide additional keyword prompts or categories to get them searching again. Where possible, personalise and merchandise search results by adding in rich content even in the search overlay (e.g. images, price, offers and reviews).
  3. Browse: let your shoppers sort and filter search results and show visual cues like badging to help people sort through a large list of products at a glance.
  4. Product: show multiple product recommendations and recently viewed items on product pages. Enable up-sell recommendations in your basket and product discovery journey and enclose your basket and checkout so that you’re focusing the shopper on their end goal.
  5. Checkout: avoid plain language such as “next” or “continue”. Instead use descriptive calls to action like “continue to shipping details” or “click to be directed to Klarna”. This gives users an expectation around the next steps.

Looking for some quick wins? Here’s some additional hacks that are proven to boost return with minimal effort:

  • A visible search box with clear description text in your navigation bar.
    Result: 44% increase in orders on mobile. 


  • Use AI tools that add NLP on search engines and surface products.
    Result: 12% increase in ecommerce conversion from search.


  • Include filter and sort on category and search results pages.
    Result: 26% more time spent onsite.


  • Use AI tools that deliver smart auto suggestions with rich content.
    Result: 20% increase ecommerce conversion from mobile. 


  • Add product recommendations on your home page and in your basket
    Result: 25% increase in conversion from home page. 7% more AoV.


  • Display recently viewed products and multiple product recommendations.
    Result: 7% increase in average order value


Want to find out more? Visit our accelerator programme for more magnetic advice from Klevu and other industry experts.

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