May 25, 20203 min read

Marketing Insider: The value of ideas with Laurel Wolfe and 11:FS.

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by Klarna

“Ideas can come from anywhere, you just have to make sure that you’re open to receiving them”

This week Laurel Wolfe, our VP of Marketing, joined host Eric Fulwiler on the new Fintech Marketing Podcast by 11:FS, a show exploring how some of the most exciting fintechs across the globe market themselves and adapt to changing consumer habits. In a socially-distanced conversation Laurel talks about her life before Klarna, her fascination with the payments space and where she draws her creativity from (hint: it’s everywhere!).

If ever you’ve wondered what goes on behind the scenes with Klarna’s marketing team, now’s the perfect chance to find out, as Laurel outlines how Klarna’s marketing team works, her marketing philosophy, how launching Klarna in different markets sets unique challenges and some of the standout campaigns and moments that have occurred during Laurel’s five years so far with us. She also discusses our move from blue to pink, and how ideas are sold and developed internally at Klarna.

“We’re in an industry where everything is blue, all the logos are blue… we wanted to do something that was fundamentally different, that was unusual and made us stand out”

Laurel gives us a behind the scenes look at some of Klarna’s most recognisable campaigns, including our work with Snoop Dogg, our ‘No Drama, Just Klarna’ campaign, and her thoughts on the House of Klarna pop-up experiences from last year.

“House of Klarna was a way for us to have that physical touchpoint… that was our way to connect with our community. Shoppers want more than just browsing clothes, they want to connect with brands, and they can do that with in-store experiences… there are so many different things you can do”

Eric and Laurel discuss the balance between getting things done quickly, and getting things done perfectly in marketing, the importance of timing and the key lessons Laurel’s learnt over the past few years. Laurel also recalls some of her proudest moments at Klarna, including an anecdote on why she purchased an entire stack of the same greetings card.

“As marketeers we’re artists… passion for the craft is super important, but it’s also about getting things out of the door… we move at pace”

Laurel finishes with a quick sneak-peak at what we’ve got coming up over the next few months, including further international expansion, new app features and even something a little more physical… 

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