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Setting up your social for success.

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When it comes to creating a buzz on social, there’s so many options it’s hard to know where to begin. With a passion for helping brands ‘do digital better’, award-winning digital agency Puzzle gave us a quick heads-up to help you get started.

Firstly, get the basics up and running.

Organic social pages give you an instant presence so make sure you post regularly. Check your headings and hashtags fit the platform protocols and their algorithms will do the rest to get you noticed.

Use paid for wisely.

Paid media is a great way to supplement your organic activities and can really help drive views. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram have different options depending on what you want to achieve and how much you’re prepared to spend.

Take time to target.

Social platforms are huge so how do you make sure you reach your prospects or tribe? In many cases it’s trial and error. Don’t be scared to give something a go. Find out what sites and content give the best return, then do it again, make more of it, or put extra money behind it.

Use all available tools.

Social sites use code to let you know who has visited you, what they viewed and when. Make sure you can gather and access this information to optimise social performance, and re-target them with content and recommendations. If you want to use social to drive footfall in specific locations, then paid social offers geotargeting that can help you target and fill the top of your sales funnel.

Be open to ideas.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on what competitors or synergistic brands are doing, who they’re targeting, what influencers they’re using, and the type of content they’re sharing. There’s no such thing as a new idea, and great ones deserve to be copied!

Remember social is a two-way street.

Try not to look at social as a channel or utility. Instead, turn it into a customer experience and to discover and deliver the content and initiatives your audiences love. Use any feedback to improve your brand for others.

Respond to issues.

You don’t have to resolve issues on social, but you should acknowledge them and show you care. If you can’t deal with straight away at least tell them when and how you will. There are lots of free tools, like TweetDeck, Hootsuite and Sprinklr, that can help you do this.

Content is king.

Shake up different types of content, vary what you post and at what time. Measure the results and see what happens to your hits. Pictures are more compelling than words but product cut outs are just dull. Meanwhile videos of people ‘boxing up’ is a hot trend on TikTok. Cameras on iPhone are great for building your own bank of content and there’s lots of free packages that let you add fades and titles.

Finally, imagine every action as a conversation.

It’ll give you the right tone and authenticity for your social voice.


Want deeper social insight from Puzzle? Dive into our accelerator programme here.

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