Aug 6, 20201 min read

Ted Baker and Klarna to offer customers flexible payment solutions.

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by Klarna

Global lifestyle brand Ted Baker adds Klarna’s flexible payment methods to its customer offering.

Live now in the UK, Ted Baker will offer Klarna’s ‘Pay in 30 days’ and ‘Instalments’ products. Offering more ways to pay, the ‘Shop Now, Pay Later’ experience will allow customers to pay up to 30 days after the delivery of their order, whilst Instalments will split purchases into three equal payments scheduled automatically. The first payment is made at point of purchase via debit or credit card, with the final two payments being taken at 30 days, followed by 60 days after their respective purchase.

Following the UK, Ted Baker will also launch Klarna on their US website from late August; and the brand will look to extend the plan to additional EU and international markets at a later date.

Luke Griffiths, Vice President at Klarna, says: ‘We are delighted to partner with Ted Baker to offer customers flexible payment methods. Now more than ever, customers are looking for the ability to bring the in-store experience into their homes; by offering customers Klarna’s payment methods, Ted Baker is empowering customers to try before they buy, demonstrating their commitment to the best-in-class eCommerce experience.’