Jul 8, 20205 min read

The top 3 must have items for a capsule wardrobe with Domain Esdale.

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by Klarna

We sat down with Klarna squad member, Domain Esdale to find out how he applies the rule of three to everyday life and the essential three items every man needs to create a capsule wardrobe.

Domain, tell us a bit about yourself.

I’m a fashion and lifestyle content creator based on the UK. I’d like to say I’m known for the signature style of the modern day gentleman.

How would you categorise your everyday style?

I would describe my everyday style as classic but significant! I tend to wear a lot of smart/casual pieces. I’m a big fan of wearing suits and also love my laid back casual wear such as leather biker jackets and streetwear.

What’s your number one style tip to take an outfit from day through to night?

My style tip would be to always shop for versatile staple pieces that you can accessorise to dress up or down. For example I like wearing the suit and trainer look during the day time and this is a look you could easily wear at night by styling it up with a smart shirt, loafers and pocket square.

What are your three top tips to building an investment wardrobe and why?

1. Choose quality over quantity.

This way of shopping has been my motto since I started investing in my wardrobe. Buying a lot of inexpensive pieces of clothing will lead to replacing items in your closet more often than needed, eventually costing you more money. Investing in quality clothing will be worth every penny!

This is especially the case when you are buying wardrobe staples like suits, denim and leather goods. Quality pieces are made to last. The fabric is a better quality, the stitching is stronger and will not fall apart after a few wears. I have literally had items for 10 years that still look like new, and I wear them on a regular basis.

2. Choose Style over fashion.

Trends in fashion come and go, but style is forever. This is one of the most important points when you build a wardrobe. Style is the way you carry yourself, how you outwardly express your inner being. No matter what is considered to be in fashion or trendy, you can stay true to your personal style. Buying ultra trendy items or colours that do not reflect your own style will just sit in your closet the moment it goes “out of style.” Purchase timeless pieces that can be brought out season after season and worn with your trend items of that moment

3. Define your signature look.

Are you a suit kind of guy or are leather jackets and denim more your style? No matter what you like to wear, knowing what types of looks you gravitate to can help guide when you are shopping. If you never wear suits, it probably wouldn’t be practical to invest in one that will just sit in your wardrobe. When you build a wardrobe, shop for pieces that you can easily interchange with other items in your wardrobe.

What are your personal wardrobe staple pieces?

  1. A good fitting pair of premium denim jeans and white trainers
  2. A leather biker jacket
  3. A staple suit in black, navy and grey

What staple piece will you be adding to your wardrobe this season?

I wear a lot of high street looks but this season I’ll be investing in some designer sunglasses to get me through the rest of summer. I have my eyes on a pair of Tom Ford’s I’ve seen online recently.

Is there an ideal number of pieces to have in a capsule wardrobe?

I would say you don’t have to have an exact number but I always aim for 40-50 pieces in my wardrobe. They say most people should go with a 30-40 piece wardrobe but I tend to go with what feels right each season.

Tell us how you shop with intention rather than with emotion?

When shopping you always come across that desirable product that gives you that feel good factor. When shopping for a night out or date night it always feels good to have something ‘brand new’ but now I take a step back and ask myself do I really need that suit or jacket that I have about 10 similar options in my wardrobe. This thought process has worked well for me and has helped save my bank balance too.

If you could be stuck in one style decade, which decade would it be?

I’d have to say the early 2000’s because this era saw the climb of high street affordable fashion which I have been accustomed too. However, I do have funny memories of the 90’s wearing slightly baggier cloths as skinny jeans weren’t cool back then.

What was the number one style tip your parents taught you?

From a young age, my parents always taught me that dressing well was important and first impressions count. I think at high school I was the only guy that tucked his shirt in when I wore my school uniform haha!

How does having a capsule wardrobe work with your lifestyle?

Having an organised capsule wardrobe has helped me massively. I’m always busy on the go and it’s helped me with my morning routine easily locating what I want to wear for the day ahead. I have found that grouping all my different clothing categories has helped to make life easier.