Jul 8, 20202 min read

Three rules I live by when designing a product with Tom Gozney.

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by Klarna

We sat down with Tom Gozney, founder of Gozney the outdoor oven brand to find out how he started his business and the secret to making the perfect pizza.

What inspired you to start your outdoor oven brand, Gozney?

I (painstakingly) made my own outdoor oven. The experience of lighting a fire, contemplation and cooking on an open flame was something worth sharing.

What three rules do you live by when designing a new product?

It has to be beautiful, highly functional and it must be cool as f.

Three top tips to creating the perfect pizza base?

  1. Follow recipes exactly! Pizza dough is like a mystical science and 5g of water here or there can make a huge difference to your finished pizza.
  2. Always allow your dough to sit at room temperature for a few hours before attempting to open into a pizza. This allows the gluten to relax and will make stretching your base a lot easier.
  3. Be prepared! Have all your toppings, flour for dough, peel etc. ready to go before you start. If you stretch a pizza and then leave it to go routing around the fridge for toppings, you’re likely to find it sticks to the surface or the peel.

Three top tips for someone using a pizza oven at home for the first time

  1. Get it to a rip, roaring high temperature.
  2. Get hungry.
  3. Invite your friends.

What are your favourite three pizza toppings?

Always pepperoni. Sometimes Margherita, never pineapple.

How often have you eaten pizza during lockdown?

More time with the family during lockdown has definitely increased pizza consumption in our household, but I’ve been cooking more roasts outdoors and baking bread in my Gozney than ever before.

What three pieces of advice do you wish someone had shared with you when starting your business?

  1. It’s never going to get easier
  2. So get used to it.
  3. You’ll miss the grind when it’s over.

What are the best 3 kitchen appliances to invest in?

A Roccbox, turning peel and a bag of flour!