Jun 9, 20203 min read

Why you should immediately be hopping on an electric bike with Raleigh Bikes.

Raleigh Bikes Author

by Raleigh Bikes

Our friends at Raleigh give us the lowdown and tell us why we should all be hopping on electric bikes.

Not only are they great fun, clean and green and a convenient way to travel, electric bikes (also known as e-bikes) are also rising in popularity with all age groups and abilities across the globe.

What are they?

Have you mentioned getting an e-bike to friends before and been met with ‘but isn’t that cheating?!’. The common misconception is that you’ll hop on, press go and sit there while the bike does the work. Well, that is simply false. If that were the case, we’d all be buying mopeds instead.

The joy of an electric bike is that you still experience the unparalleled joy of cycling but add to it some electrical assistance when faced with your town’s own answer to Mount Snowdon or you fancy taking the long route home. You’ll need to pedal to keep moving with or without the electrical assistance, so to everyone who says it’s cheating, they couldn’t be more wrong.

Who uses them?

Electric bikes are for everyone and anyone. The only exception is that by law electric bikes cannot be ridden by children under 14. Some common misconceptions are that e-bikes are only for older or unfit people but this 100% isn’t true. E-bikes are quite frankly, for all abilities and ages. Believe it or not, e-bike users might actually get more exercise than their conventional counterparts. This is due to the confidence to explore further afield without the fear of getting stranded miles from home with depleted legs. As more and more people are conscious about their own environmental impact, people of all ages are opting for e-bikes as an alternative mode of transport.

Why do people use e-bikes?

It’s not just to storm up hills (though they do help). After all, e-bikes are now the biggest category in the notoriously flat Netherlands. People use e-bikes for a variety of reasons, such as carrying heavier loads like shopping or children, the ability to travel and reach a destination faster without turning up doused in perspiration and some people simply like the option of having a bit of electrical assistance when out on longer rides. Raleigh have a varied selection of e-bikes, for those short on space, those looking for an integrated battery design or those looking for a broad range.

What should you look for in an e-bike?

Work out how far you want to travel and calculate the battery capacity you’ll need to be able to achieve it. Raleigh has a large selection of electric bikes to fit around your lifestyle whether for long leisurely rides, or commuting to work. Decide what your main purpose for getting an e-bike is. If it’s to commute to work, consider a folding electric bike such as the Stow-E-Way. If you’re looking to head off on adventures, try a Motus or Centros.

One thing is for certain, once you start riding an e-bike, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

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