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Understanding the Athleisure shopper

Top tips to keep your website active.

  • Gain a better understanding of athleisure buyers
  • Discover the perks of flexible payments
  • Learn how to manage a no-sweat checkout


The merging of fashion and sportswear

Athleisure is now a major focus for retailers, sports and fashion brands. Let’s be clear we’re not talking pink velour tracksuits. We’re talking a new generation of super cool, celebrity endorsed, luxe-labelled high-performance clothing, designed for consumers that want to combine wellness with urban-cred.

The same consumers also want mobile-friendly, fast frictionless online checkouts with flexible payments that help them buy without sweating over budgets, cash flow, sizing or fit.

That’s where Klarna comes in.

We can give your checkout a no-sweat makeover with flexible pay after delivery options that let customers buy the products they want, when they want, without worrying about cash flow.


Read why Gymshark chose to partner with Klarna.

Athleisure insights

Klarna Confidential

Understand the Athleisure shopper: Top tips for no-sweat checkouts.

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With Klarna you can:

Help shoppers find that lifestyle balance

Retailers can help customers transition smoothly from workout to casual attire AND can answer a real demand from consumers who seek cash flow balance to help them manage their hectic lifestyles.

It's all about the comfort and the fit

Consumers are increasingly less willing to sacrifice comfort elements – stretchability, washability, odour control, moisture management. Make it even easier for athleisure buyers to get the comfort they crave, when buying online with ‘try before you buy’ and no quibble returns.

Focus on their desire of wellness

Consumer interest in health and wellness trends is one of the principal growth drivers for athleisure. Social media not only provides new ways for people to share their experiences and wellness regimes but also adds pressure on them to look good and to be seen as living fulfilling lives. Klarna’s clever ‘cookie’ means that users are recognised as loyal buyers across all our retailers.

Don't forget those celebrity role models

Celebrity collections are much sought after and often sell out soon after they go live. Many loyal followers can get locked out of the sales-loop because they don’t have the funds to purchase when a launch hits. However, Klarna frees shoppers from FOMO. It lets them be spontaneous, safe in the knowledge that they don’t have to pay until later.

Luxury overlap

Luxury fashion and athletic wear are no longer two distinct worlds. Luxe retailers can broaden their brand appeal, by offering new flexible finance options like Klarna’s Slice it in 3 to help their customers spread the cost of high-ticket Luxe items over regular pre-agreed monthly instalments – instantly, online and in just a few clicks.

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