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Restyling payments with Klarna

British consumers can’t get enough of contemporary fashion that’s accessible, affordable and wearable. It’s the new sweet spot for apparel retailers too - placing it among the most competitive clothing niches.

Revamping your checkout with a new style of payment may be just what you need to avoid being squeezed out of the market with competition from both above (fast fashion) and below (diffusion brands).

That’s where Klarna comes in.

Klarna’s payment solutions are proven to deliver double-digit improvements in sales conversion, particularly on mobile. Helping to lock-in fashion-focused shoppers.

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With Klarna you can:

Checkout with style

Klarna delivers a smooth, frictionless online and mobile payment experience; and encourages shopping empowerment with one-click repeat purchase and the option to split the cost of purchases. Allowing your customers to buy what they want, when they want.

Let your customers try before they buy

59% of shoppers want to see fashion items before buying. And with Klarna your customers can do just that: receiving their purchase to check out the style, colour and size before they part with their cash. We pay you direct, so there is no risk for you.

Empower shoppers to, well, shop!

Klarna’s flexible payments give shoppers more wiggle room to indulge, trade up and buy big ticket items like designer handbags, celebrity and premium lines. More pleasure for them. Higher sales for you.

Smoooth seasonal spend

Limited disposable income and busy lifestyles means many fashion shoppers tend to be seasonal, with Black Friday and Christmas delivering a huge spike. With Klarna helping them to pay later, shoppers can buy earlier in the season - to avoid FOMO - and shop more consistently throughout the year.

Put premium in reach

If expensive or indulgent items leave visitors sitting on the fence, you can turn them into confident buyers with Klarna. Instant and flexible online credit – with Klarna’s Flexible Financing - lets shoppers pay over time in manageable instalments to suit today’s lifestyles.

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