Open banking.

One API for the fastest growing banking network in Europe.

  • One single API for all banks providing both Account information & Payment initiation.
  • Unlimited scaling with a network handling over 150 million sessions per year.
  • Superior conversion with a beautiful, optimised front-end design.

Access to all banks with one API

An easily integrated API that connects you to the fastest growing banking network in Europe.
With just a few lines of code.

It all comes down to these two services


With our AIS (Account Information Service) or XS2A (Access to account) users can safely and securely allow TPPs to retrieve their account information and offer them tailor-made financial services.

How it works

With the user’s consent, Klarna hosts an encrypted connection to the user’s online banking. This lets the user log in just as they would at their online bank, while using Klarna’s smoooth UI.
Klarna manages consent, facilitates the connection and fetches the datar and makes sure everything is handled according to PSD2 standards.
All TPPs have to do is to start the session.


Our PIS (Payment Initiation Service) service uses the established bank connection to facilitate secure payments or transfers via bank account.

How it works

The payments are fast, secure thanks to the UI and cheaper and less prone to fraud than card payments. It also supports peer to peer transfers.
Since users can pay directly from their bank account our PIS service lets users pay without creating an account or logging in. The only thing required to make a payment or transfer is a bank account, which means our API immediately connects you to the largest and fastest growing user-base in Europe.

One consistent and beautiful design for all users

Offer the same intuitive front-end design for all banks without any re-routing to other pages.

Your customers enjoy the familiar Klarna UX that is built to optimise conversion.

Across any device.

Build financial services that people love

Help users budget and understand their money.

Remove the paperwork from loans.

Make it easy and safe to offer direct debit.

Compare rates and prices.

Build multi-banking apps that simplify banking.

Lightyears ahead. Yet only getting started.

Scale your business to new markets and bigger volumes.
Today our API connects you to banks in 14 European markets, 60 million customers and is currently handling more than 150 million sessions per year.
We’ve got you covered.

Klarna stands for the PSD2 license.
You build the world’s favourite financial services.

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Privacy and security for me and my customers?

All data transferred between the customer and Klarna is encrypted on both your and the customers device and sent over secured protocols to protect all parties’ data and privacy.

Why should I choose Klarna's Open Banking platform?

The vast experience and insights we have gathered over the past decade as the first bank independent AIS/PIS provider enables us to provide the best user experience and performance on the market. Open banking by Klarna operates on a broad European level and is not limited to a single/few markets which creates a simple, unified experience and enables fast growth.

How many banks does Klarna support? In what countries?

As of today, we support over 4,300 banks in 14 European Markets. We are rapidly expanding our bank coverage and will extend to more markets in the future.

I have my own PSD2 license.

That’s awesome. This gives you the freedom of integrating with our Klarna-Hosted solution or directly through our API-Gateway white-label solution, while still getting access to the fastest growing banking network in Europe.

Is Open banking by Klarna available as white-label?

Yes. With your own PSD2 license you can use your own corporate identity and UI, and offer the user experience your way. Access our AIS and/or PIS solution using our API-Gateway integration. Get in touch for more info.