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Maximise your CPC and boost product listing ad performance.

Switch your product listing ad hosting to Klarna Comparison Shopping Service and:

  • Save 20% on your CPC spend and improve ROAS.
  • Boost your reach and gain new customers.
  • Have control with a self-serve solution.

Increase reach in moments that matter.

Product listing ads (PLAs) are a way to reach the right in-market customers, at the right time, and deliver some of the highest return on ad spend of any paid channel.

more revenue per click than Search Ads

more clicks on PLAs than search ads

users purchased from a different merchant when finding information in the moment they needed*

Why choose Klarna Comparison Shopping Service?

Save money while boosting performance by switching to Klarna Comparison Shopping Service to host your PLAs on Google.

Attract new customers and gain product visibility.

Attract new customers and gain product visibility.

Attract in-market customers with the recognisable ‘By Klarna’ tag plus gain product visibility on relevant customer searches with purchase intent on our Comparison Shopping site.

With you wherever

Maximise the full spend of your ad budget.

Avoid the 20% CPC fee charged by Google Shopping to maximise your ad budget and gain the stronger bid. Achieve higher ad rankings, click-through rates, impression share and increased profitability.

Get the latest insights

Enjoy the simplicity and control of a self-serve solution.

Our self-service solution allows you to retain full access, control and security over your campaigns and performance data. With simple integration and no disruption to live campaigns, you can switch over to Klarna Comparison Shopping Service within a day.

Trusted by merchants of all sizes.

Laptop with CSS Flaconi ViktorRolf

We have evaluated the first two weeks of our shopping campaigns running on Klarna Comparison Shopping Service and the results look great so far! We could clearly see CPCs going down so we were able to increase traffic at our given budget with a stable ROAS. We are therefore eager to switch other accounts to Klarna.

Search Advertising Team Lead, Flaconi

Is Klarna Comparison Shopping Service right for you?

Learn more about how PLAs work, what Comparison Shopping Service is, and if our solution is right for your brand.


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