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Business financing, made simple.

Boost your business today with a merchant loan from Klarna.

  • Apply in minutes, get your loan as soon as tomorrow.
  • Automatic repayments based on your daily sales.
  • Fixed fee – you always know exactly how much it will cost.


Business moves fast.
So do we.

Your customers don’t wait, your competition doesn’t wait. You shouldn’t have to either. If you need a smoooth cash advance to help your business, our technology driven underwriting system assesses your application in no time and initiates a payout for approved applications as soon as the day after.

Repayments based upon your success.

Repaying shouldn’t be a hassle. Neither should it kill your cash flow. With Klarna’s merchant lending you repay a small percentage of your sales every day.

Don’t waste time on silly questions.

We know your business. We know your transaction history and your sales volume. We also know that your time is valuable. So we won’t bother you with irrelevant questions such as your forecast for the next decade, your mother’s maiden name or the age of your cat.

And no costly surprises.

Administration fees? Floating interest rate? Hidden fees? Nope. You agree to pay one fixed fee upfront that never changes. No running interest. No hidden fees. No surprises.

You’re in good company.

Hundreds of merchants have already used Klarna to boost their business. Become one of them to supercharge your business too.

Boost your business today.

Exclusively for existing Klarna merchants.

See how your repayments could work using our illustrative pricing.



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What is Merchant Lending?

Klarna's merchant lending provides you with funds to grow your business. The application is simple and quick and there are no hidden fees. Once approved, funds are paid out as soon as the next business day so that you can invest in your business immediately. Whether that means increased inventory, purchase of new equipment, hiring additional employees, online marketing or other ways to improve your business is up to you.

When will I receive funds?

As soon as the next business day. It does however depend on whether you have a daily or a weekly settlement schedule as your loan is paid out with your next settlement. If you apply for a loan on a monday and your weekly settlement arrives on wednesdays then you will receive your loan on the wednesday the same week.

What is my interest rate?

With Klarna's merchant lending you do not pay an interest rate. You pay one fixed fee that you agree to upfront before signing up for a loan. No administration fees, no hidden fees, no surprises. The fixed fee you agree to is paid proportionally along over the lifetime of your loan. Your daily repayments cover both amortisation and payment of the fee. To see how much you have paid on a specific date or how much you have left to pay you login to Klarna’s merchant portal and navigate to the merchant lending app. On the balance page you’ll see all your previous repayments as well as what you have left to pay.

Can I make additional repayments or pay back my entire outstanding balance?

Yes, contact our merchant support and let us know how much you want to repay or if you want to repay the entire balance. Note however that your fixed fee still needs to be paid back in full even if you choose to pay back the loan earlier.

My accountant asked for details about my loan, where can I find this?

Login to Klarna’s merchant portal and navigate to the merchant lending app. You will be presented with a balance page with all the relevant information about your loan. Such as, current debt, total amount to repay and previous payments per date.

What happens if I don’t have any sales?

Klarna's merchant loans are repaid automatically as a percentage deduction based on your sales. This means that if you do not have any sales for a shorter period of time you won’t repay anything for the days that you don’t have any sales. However, if you don’t have any sales at all for a longer period of time or if your sales decrease significantly your loan might risk being considered default and you will have to repay the remaining balance in full. If you’ve selected the quick repayment option you need to repay minimum 15% of the loan every 30 days. If you’ve selected the medikum option you need to repay minimum 10% of the loan every 60 days. If you've selected the slow option you need to repay minimum 5% of the loan every 60 days. For most merchants, regular processing volume will safely cover the minimum repayment.

My repayments doesn’t seem to match my sales?

Everyday you have had sales, we will deduct the agreed percentage off of your next settlement. When comparing your sales to your repayments, make sure to compare the same dates for repayments as for settlement. Depending on your settlement schedule it might happen that a specific settlement note contains information about sales from one date period and repayments for a different date period.

Can I change my loan amount?

Once you have applied for your loan we are unable to change the loan amount.

Can I change my repayment rate?

Once you have been granted a loan you are unable to change your agreed repayment rate. The repayment rate you have agreed to is directly tied to the loan amount, fixed fee and processing history with Klarna.

I am required to sign a personal guarantee?

No, we do not require a personal guarantee.

Why can’t I get a loan?

We assess a number of factors including your processing history with Klarna to figure out whether we are able to offer you a loan. If you’re unable to get a loan it might be due to short processing history with Klarna, very volatile sales or that you haven’t processed sales in a long time.

How much does my loan cost and how much can I borrow?

The amount you are able to borrow and the fixed fee of your loan is determined by our assessment of your processing history. You agree to your total amount, fixed fee and repayment speed upfront. To see you personal offer, navigate to the merchant lending app in our merchant portal.

Which markets are Klarna's merchant lending available in?

Klarna's merchant lending is currently available for merchants selling with Klarna in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, The Netherlands and in The UK.

How much do I owe?

You can view this by going to the merchant lending app in Klarna’s merchant portal. If you have an active loan you will be shown a balance page where you can see your total amount to repay, remaining fee, remaining principal as well as a breakdown of all your previous repayments per date.

Always access to smoooth business financing.

Regardless of how you sell with Klarna you’ll be able to access merchant lending in our merchant portal. With the partners listed here you’ll have access to Klarna’s business financing also in their environment.

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